The Adventure Girls

By Amara Vanthavong

One day two little girls, Ella and Avery, were getting ready for bed. They were staying the night at their grandma’s house.

“Grandma! Grandma!” squealed Ella. “Can you read us a story?”

“Please!” Begged Avery.

“Alright, alright let’s see,” Grandma agreed. “Let’s read this one,” Grandma suggested. “It’s an adventure story about two girls that find out they have powers,” Grandma explained.

“Wow,” the girls yelled excitedly.

Grandma started to read the book. Grandma was so good at reading that Ella and Avery felt like they were in the story. “Once upon a time there were two girls named Everleigh and Sydney.” Grandma smiled at the two girls as she read. Grandma turned the page, “Sydney and Everleigh were twins. One day their dad took them outside to give them a surprise for their birthday. There were little presents on a table. Sydney and Everleigh opened them.”

“’Oh my gosh!’ Everleigh and Sydney yelled surprisingly.” Grandma paused and smiled. She then continued to read…

“I got a bunny!” Everleigh shouted excitedly.

“I got a guinea pig!” Sydney said excitedly.

Everleigh’s bunny was a tan and a white color. Sydney’s guinea pig was a dark brown color.

“Is this a girl or a boy?” Sydney questioned.

“Yours is a boy and Everleigh’s is a girl,” their dad explained.

“Hey girl!” Everleigh giggled.

A few days later the girls were trying to figure out what they were going to name their pets.

“Hmmm what about Willow, Ally or Daisy?” Everleigh wondered.

“Daisy is a cute name. I am naming mine Max,” Sydney exclaimed.

That night the girls were getting ready for bed. All of a sudden Sydney and Everleigh heard a strange noise.

“What’s that noise?” Everleigh wondered.

“I don’t know?” Sydney whispered.

“Oh no!” Sydney gasped.

Daisy and Max jumped out of the window. They were running toward the forest. All of a sudden, they disappeared and they were out of sight.

“Where are they going!” Everleigh worried.

“I don’t know why they are heading to the forest. Get your shoes on. We have to find them! Pack a backpack with a blanket and clothes!” Sydney suggested.

“Got it!” Everleigh agreed.

When the girls got outside Daisy and Max were gone!

“Where are they?” Everleigh worried.

“I don’t know, I remember when I saw them out of the window, they were running to the forest so we should search the forest to find them.” Sydney explained.

The girls started searching in the forest but they had no luck.

“Everleigh, I think we should go back inside and find them in the morning. It’s really dark out here and it would be better for us to go out tomorrow,” Sydney suggested.

The next morning the girls went back to the forest. They searched and called their pets’ names. They could not find them. One thing they did find was something shiny in the grass.

“What’s that?” Everleigh questioned.

“I have no idea. It’s a light shining out of the grass,” Sydney was shocked.

“We should dig and see if anything is under there,” Everleigh suggested.

The girls began digging to see what they would find. When the girls were done digging, they found a bottle with a note inside. The girls opened the bottle and the note said:

Dear Everleigh and Sydney,

I know you are looking for your pets. Before you get them back you have to find the last purple gem on earth. You have five years until February 18, at sunset in the year 2026 to find it. If you do not make it, you will NEVER get your pets back! This purple gem is really rare and hard to find so that’s why you are given five years to search. If found the gem needs to be given back to me.

Sincerely, Mr. Mystery

“Who’s Mr. Mystery?” Sydney wondered.

“I don’t know. It says that we have to find a purple gem, but it did not say where the purple gem is or what state it is in, so where do we look first?” wondered Everleigh.

Five years later…

Everleigh and Sydney have still not found the purple gem and it has been a long time! The year is 2026. It has been five years! It is January 5, and they only have one month and 13 days left! All of a sudden, they wake up and are in an unknown state.

“Awh, good morning. Wait where are we? Sydney, wake up, wake up!” Everleigh was shocked. “Where are we?”

“Fine, wait where are we?” Sydney wondered.

“That’s what I said!” Everleigh yelled.

“I will check my watch. Everleigh! We are in the future. It is 2026! We have gone ahead in time!” Sydney was shocked.

“What?! Well, all I know is that this is not our backyard!” Everleigh worried.

“My watch isn’t saying where we are! Wait, it’s loading… We are in an unknown state!” Sydney was shocked.

“Wait, how did we even get here?” Everleigh wondered.

“I have no idea but remember that night on our birthday? Max and Daisy jumped out of the window. Then that night we went to go look for them, but it was too dark so when we went the next day there was a strange note in a bottle. The note said that we had five years to find a purple gem. The note also said we had to until 2026 on February 18 at 5:45 p.m. at sunset, and if we didn’t make it then we wouldn’t get our pets back! We also look different! And we don’t even know where we are. Also, Dad is probably freaking out right now because he has not seen his daughters for five years!” Sydney freaked out.

“Sydney, calm down,” Everleigh suggested.

Sydney calmed down. Then she looked at her watch.

“Everleigh, we only have one month, 13 days and three hours to find the gem!” Sydney yelled.

“Wait, what?! I just wish we had superpowers so we could find the gem faster.” Everleigh wished.

All of a sudden, magical watches appeared on the girls’ arms.

“What just happened? Why did watches appear on our wrists?” Everleigh was shocked.

“I have no idea but look, mine has the word water on it and yours says ice. I think we are supposed to press on these buttons,” Sydney suggested.

Each time Everleigh and Sydney pressed their watches they were in different clothes. Everleigh had a blue costume with a wave that stood for water, and Sydney had a white costume with an icicle that stood for ice. Their costumes were so cool. But what do these powers mean?

They spent the day playing with their powers. They were having fun. It was February 17, and they had not found the gem yet. They were starting to give up. Out of nowhere they could smell smoke.

“Do you smell that? I think something is on fire,” Everleigh worried.

“We can use our powers to help,” Sydney exclaimed.

The girls began running towards the smoke. A village of gnomes was on fire! Everleigh started shooting her icicles and Sydney used her power to spray water. Their powers were working! The two girls spent hours fighting the fire. After the fires were out, little gnomes started coming out of their hiding spots.

“You have saved us!” The village gnomes were thankful. “We have a gift for you!” They presented the girls with the most beautiful purple gem and their mission was complete.

As soon as they took the purple gem, they woke up as if nothing had happened. It was 2021 again. Their guinea pig and bunny were safe in their cage. Mr. Mystery never showed up to take the gem, but they were happy that they saved the villagers.

“And that is the story of Sydney and Everleigh, the adventure girls,” Grandma explained.

“What?” said Ella and Avery together. “Grandma Sydney is this story about you?!” the girls asked. They had so many questions. Was their Grandma a twin? Was this her adventure they wondered?

“Now girls this is just a story, and it is getting late and time for bed,” Grandma explained. Grandma tucked the girls into bed and left the room. The girls were wide awake.

“Did Grandma find that gem?” Avery questioned.

Ella looked over at the table in the bedroom and saw a shiny purple gem that started to glow up in the dark. Was that the gem that never made it to Mr. Mystery? They laid awake that night wondering if they would become the next adventure girls.

When Ella and Avery woke up the next day, they went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After they were done with their breakfast, they went to grandma’s room to wake her up. But then Ella and Avery noticed that grandma wasn’t there. They looked everywhere and they even called her name.

“Grandma, grandma!” the girls called out.

Then they saw a note on her dresser. It said:

Dear Ella and Avery,

I will be gone for a while; the forest needs me again. I don’t know how long I will be gone. You will have to take care of yourself until I come back. I am very sorry. If there is an emergency push the red button by the coffee maker. Only use it for emergencies.

Sincerely, Grandma

To be continued…


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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