The Lost Children

By Joy MacPherson

There were four kids playing tag in their front yard. The youngest was John, then Anna, then Peter, then Marie. They were all siblings. Anna was “it” and she chased Marie into the woods. The other kids followed. Soon, they looked around the forest and realized they were lost!

They felt worried and scared, but they were glad they had each other. They were getting hungry, and they didn’t know how to get home. Nobody had food, but Marie had a rope.

Peter said that they should look for berries in the bushes. Anna said that Peter had a good idea and started to hunt for berries. Soon, the siblings heard a whooshing noise. John thought the sound might be a creek and started running toward it.

The other kids followed him and discovered the noise was a waterfall. They were thirsty. Anna suggested they drink from the water, so they squatted down. The river was going by fast, and the sand under John’s feet slipped. He fell in and cried for help!

The water was washing him down-stream. Marie handed her rope to Peter quickly. Peter tossed the rope to his brother, and John caught the rope, but his hands ached from holding it tight. Marie swam in and held his hand to get him out. Anna looked worried but cheered for joy as Marie rescued John. Marie and John climbed out of the water, dripping wet. Peter asked John if he was okay. John was breathing loudly, but said he was alright.

Just then, all of the children turned as they heard their parents calling as they looked for the children who had disappeared. Marie shouted back that they needed help! The parents heard her voice and came down to the river to help. John, Anna, Peter, and Marie raced toward their parents and hugged them. Then the kids told their parents about the adventure they had. They walked home slowly, holding hands, remembering to never again run into the woods without telling their parents.


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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