Peace Comes at Night

By Andie Sanderson

    Driving home and I got the news

School is canceled, it gave me the blues

Wish I could push days faster

But, the only things moving are my shoes

I should be screaming into a pillow

And I’m hoping that I’m dreaming

In a daze, I keep moving

Trying to reach a word to describe

This feeling

But. I. Can’t.

Wake up. Breathe. School. Sleep

A never-ending cycle that I wish I could get beneath

Trying. Pushing. Perseverance.

Every day is the same

Why make your bed when nobody’s coming?

Read. Read. Reading.

The thing I once loved, now I’ve stopped doing

Dream. Dream, they say but how can you dream

When you don’t have enough space?

When will this change?

Will my life ever be the same?

Our new normal is being home every day

And I wish it would change!

Questions all in my head.

It is like my feet are lead,

The way I stay in one place

Trying to, trying to

Handle this with grace

Peace. Peace comes at night.


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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