The Hero

By Brynn Payne

Hi, my name is Vivian, I am a guide dog. Being a guide dog is a hard job. It is my second day as being a guide dog. Today my owner Jade is going to take me on a walk in the park!

In a couple hours I will be strutting around the park with my light purple vest on that says in cursive blue handwriting, “Hi, sorry you can’t pet me at this time. I’m at work!” I love that vest! Jade gave the vest and harness to me yesterday.

Finally, it was time! Once we got outside, I saw my friend Pom-Pom the Chihuahua. She smiled. She’s really old and always has dandelions stuck in her hair! I was so excited, but I did not run ahead, nor did I walk fast. I can’t do that because I’m a guide dog!

But when we got to the park, there were a whole bunch of cats there! I signaled danger to Jade. She stopped. Her straight black hair billowed in the wind. I quickly turned, leading her to the other park. I swerved because big rocks were in the way. On the other side of the road, there was a construction site. The park was just around the corner. “Perfect,” I thought. No other dogs or owners were there. I guided Jade over to a bench and I jumped on with her. I think after the belly rubs, I fell asleep.

Suddenly, Kiyana, a golden-brown husky guide dog, bounded over to me and woke my peaceful slumber. She was nervous, I could tell by the look in her eyes. She said, “My owner thought I was guiding him with my harness. He took off my harness when he sat on a bench. Now he is in the construction site! You have a lot more training than me. Please help me!”

My eyes were as big as golf balls. My mind said, “You will lose your job if you help her, don’t!” But I knew what I was going to do.

Kiyana easily took my harness off. I ran as fast as I could to the construction site. Once I got there, I saw Kiyana’s owner. He was definitely in danger! I ran over with my harness secured inside my mouth. Panting, I got there. I nudged the harness into his hand and slipped it on. Thankfully, we made it out. The bad news was he had a horrible gash on his knee. I pawed at his pocket and quickly his phone fell out. I dialed 9-1-1. Before you could say bacon bits, the ambulance arrived.

I was worried Jade had gotten lost, but she was smart and stayed on the bench when she didn’t feel my harness. Guess what? I got a medal and I didn’t lose my job. Kiyana’s owner was ok, so I guess we all had a happy ending!


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