Teddy Bear

By Sophia Williams

Five-year-old Leo walked down the steps of the bus and waved good-bye to his friends. He found his thirteen-year-old sister, Violet, grabbed her hand, and the two walked four blocks to their small one-level house.

Their mother was leaving and said, “I need groceries. Help yourself to a snack. Violet, can you look after Leo? Everlee should just be waking up from her nap.” Everlee is their 2-year-old sister.

Violet opened the cupboard, took out some graham crackers and handed a few to Leo. “I have homework. I’ll be in my room.” She walked to her bedroom at the back of the house. “Call me if you need anything.”

Leo sat down with his toy trucks and his teddy bear. Then, he heard crying. He ran to Everlee’s crib. She was awake and crying. “Mommy!” she sobbed. “I want Mommy!”

“Violet!” Leo called. “Vi, come quick! Everlee’s crying!” He peeked his head into her room. She was sitting on her bed with a thick textbook and headphones on.

He ran back to Everlee. What would Mommy do? “What’s the matter, Ev?”

“My bunny!” she cried. “She’s gone!” Everlee’s bunny was her favorite toy.

“It’s okay! Don’t worry, Ev! We’ll find her!” Mommy would’ve rocked her, but Leo was too small. He ran around frantically, looking for her bunny. There was no sign of her and Everlee was still sobbing.

“Bunny!” she cried. “I need you! I need you!”

Leo knew what he had to do. He ran into the living room and picked up his favorite teddy bear and hugged him tightly. Leo felt a pang in his heart.

The teddy bear was carried to Everlee’s crib and nestled into her arms. “Leo, you’re the best brother ever,” she said. Everlee fell asleep smiling.


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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