The Impossible Pet

By Marco Jakovich

My rabbit, Sylvia, turned out to be a perfect pet. Sylvia plays in my backyard with my sisters and me. She goes camping along with my family. She lets others hold her without scratching them. Sylvia lets people pet her, and she snuggles and grooms our guinea pig, Delby. If you are thinking that she was always perfect, think again. She had a brutal past.

It all started one day when I was in my dad’s black Chevy, driving to a farm. In the car my two sisters, Andree and Sasha, sat beside me, along with my dad at the wheel. At the farm, there was a family, two dogs and a rabbit.

The rabbit was in a very small cage and could not move around much. The family called the rabbit Bun Bun. The family said that she was abandoned and she needed a better place to live. They also said that someone had Bun Bun but she ran away somehow. The family found the rabbit in the wild and took her as a pet. We put the rabbit cage in our car and drove away.

In the car on the way home, I stuck my fingers through the bars of the cage, to pet Bun Bun. Her black and white fur was so soft! I thought we needed to rename her.

“We should name her Moonlight,” I told my sisters, since she was black and white.

My sister, Sasha, said no. A few minutes later, she thought of the best name for our new rabbit. The name was Sylvia. Everyone in our family loved it. Her new name was Sylvia Moonlight.

Once we arrived at our house, we realized that Sylvia was not the best pet. Her attitude was horrible. Sylvia would run away every chance she got, she would scratch you when you tried to hold her, she would flip over her food dish and litter, and she would chew your shoes.

Years passed by. She still did not change her attitude. My family tried everything to tame her. She never changed until she met our guinea pig, Delby, who was afraid of everything. Delby and Sylvia somehow created a bond. Sylvia would groom him, Delby would snuggle with Sylvia, and they would sleep with each other.

Soon enough, Delby and Sylvia would treat my family like they treated each other. Delby was not scared of everything, and Sylvia would run away less often. When she did, she always came back after a few minutes. Sylvia would let you pet her and hold her, and she would never scratch or bite.

How this happened, no one was sure, but I think that if you treat anyone good, they will treat you good too! Delby treated Sylvia good, and Sylvia treated him good in return. You can treat people how you want to be treated too!


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