Gilbert and Harold’s Adventure

By Elliott Garry

“Hello, my name is Gilbert and yes I am a robot. Humans, this is what I need you to do; watch the video to the end it will help you survive.”

“Here we go everyone, liftoff whoo!”

“Oh Karen, stop eating all the robo food. Hey, I wish they also made robo cat food. Right Karen?”

“Oh yes, it’s unfair because Bobby is a dog.”

“Wait, Karen, look! It’s Cotyland.”

“A welcome sign,” said Bobby.

“Gilbert, I thought you said it was scary.”

“Yeah,” said Karen. “Cotton candy really.”

“Wait until you see the creatures,’’ said Gilbert.

“They are scary. I lost my invention there.”

“Ohh! So scary cotton candy,” said Karen and Bobby.

“Well, let’s go,’’ said Bobby. “Wait I need the camera controller.”

At Cotyland Gilbert talked about the climate and how things worked around there. They walked until they saw a big structure that appeared to be an abandoned castle made of cotton candy with cotton spiders all around.

“On second thought maybe they are scary,” said Bobby.

When they went inside, they walked through massive pillars and stopped when they saw the King of Cotyland, a massive cotton spider they fought bravely until Gilbert passed out. They ran to the ship to head to the robo hospital on earth.

After watching that, Harold took the camera and headed out to space. But when he got there, he realized he needed a weapon. So, he got a cotton candy stick and started fighting. Suddenly his friends came and defeated the monsters. Then they all connected with Gilbert.

When they got back to Earth everyone loved them and they all went on to travel to space many more times, but none were as exciting as the one in Cotyland.


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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