The Travelers

By Anden Brandt

It all started in a science lab in Washington D.C with two of the most well-known scientists in the world. They have lived in Washington D.C their whole lives. They have built many contraptions together such as a submarine, a flying car, a plane, a helicopter and many other things. They even built their very own robot named Captain DT35! Their names are Sarah and Josh, and they do everything together. They are best friends which is why they work in the same lab. To be more specific of what they do for a living, they are like engineers and they build stuff.

It’s a Monday morning and they are at Jungle, Inc as usual. Last week, they had just started building a machine that shrinks something or makes something bigger.

“If I had to make something bigger, I would make myself bigger because I’m kind of short,” Josh said, a little embarrassed.

Suddenly Captain DT35 burst into the room in sort of a panic, “So, how does it work?”

“Did you ever learn how to knock?” Sarah shouted angrily at Captain DT35.

“Well, you should know considering you built me,” exclaimed Captain DT35 with a smirk on his screen.

“Whatever,” Sarah scoffed, rolling her eyes. “It works by getting an item that you want to resize and then putting that item in the machine,” she continued. “Then you select how big or small you want it and then press the green button.”

“Cool, can I try it?” Captain DT35 said excitedly.

“No, sorry, it’s not done yet,” answered Josh. “But you can be the first one to try it when it is done!”

“Ok, cool!” Captain DT35 said happily as he walked away. “Bye.”

“Alright, it’s been a long day, I think I’m going to go home,” Sarah exclaimed as she yawned.

“Ok, I will finish putting in these last few parts from this shipment then I will too,” said Josh.

“Ok, bye!” said Sarah with a smile as she walked out the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sarah got in her car and drove off into the darkness.

Meanwhile Josh yawned as he finished putting the last pieces in the machine. The moon shined bright in the night sky as he thought to himself, “It’s so quiet I –”

“Boo!” Captain DT35 shouted as he jumped out of a supply closet.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Josh screamed in surprise. “Jeez you scared me…hey, what are you doing here anyways?” Josh said looking puzzled. “I thought Sarah was supposed to take you home.”

“She must have forgotten,” said Captain DT35. “She looked pretty tired when she left.”

“Yeah, she did. I guess I will take you home then,” Josh said as they walked out the door and got into Josh’s car.

The next day Josh got out of bed excited to finish the grow and shrinking machine. “This machine could change the world!” he thought to himself as he got dressed. Josh brushed his teeth, took a shower, ate breakfast and woke up Captain DT35 before getting in his car and driving to work. He got a call from Sarah.

“Hello?” Josh said.

“Hi Josh!” Sarah said happily.

“What’s up?” asked Josh.

“My car broke down. Can you pick me up?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, sure! I’ll be there in ten minutes,” said Josh.

“Ok, thanks! Bye!” Sarah said.

“Bye!” Said Josh.

When Josh got to Sarah’s house, he honked the horn a few times to signal that he was there.

“I’m coming!” Sarah yelled as she opened the door. She opened the car door, plopped her stuff down and got in.

“What happened to your car?” asked Josh.

“It won’t start.” Sarah complained.

“Oh, by the way you forgot to bring Captain DT35 home last night,” Josh reminded Sarah as they drove to work.

“Oh, I did? I must have been too tired to remember,” Sarah said, looking a little confused.

“Yeah, I had to spend a night at this weirdo’s house,” Captain DT35 snapped.

“Oh please, it was just one night,” sneered Josh.

“Whatever,” sighed Captain DT35.

When they got to Jungle, Inc. they walked into the lab and got to work. After hours of work, they finally finished the machine.

“Is it done yet?” gushed Captain DT35.

“Yes, it is!” shouted Josh in excitement.

“YAY!” yelled Captain DT35 eager to resize himself. He got inside the machine and pushed the green button. 3…2…1! The machine started running but when the smoke cleared, they saw that Captain DT35 was not there.

“Where did he go?” stuttered Josh.

“I’m going to try it now,” blurted Sarah.

“I’ll come with you,” stuttered Josh.

They pushed the button and the machine started rumbling and filling the room with smoke. When the smoke cleared, they were in a whole other dimension.

“Where are we?” gasped Sarah.

They looked around to try and figure out where in the world they were. That is, until they saw a massive dinosaur!

“Oh my gosh! It’s a dinosaur!” yelled Sarah.

“Wait, are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?” Josh asked Sarah and Captain DT35.

“We just invented time travel!” the three said simultaneously.

“We have to tell everybody!” Sarah babbled.

“Sarah, that’s the last thing we would want to do,” insisted Josh.

“We would make a ton of money if we did!” gushed Sarah.

“That’s true, but if we told everyone I can almost guarantee you that someone will try to rob us,” exclaimed Josh. “So, let’s just keep it a secret between you, Captain DT35 and me, ok?” asked Josh. “This is going to be good.”

The next day at work Sarah approached Josh and sat down next to him while he ate his lunch. “I have been thinking about all the different things we could change in the world! We could go and save Abe Lincoln, we could save John F. Kennedy, and even my favorite two rappers Juice WRLD or XXXTentacion!”

“We could do that, but it would take a lot of planning and equipment,” exclaimed Josh.

At that moment their boss came into the room and told them that they got a report about a hidden treasure and that they need to go and get it ASAP!

“Uh, sure where is it?” the three of them asked.

“You have to go back in time,” said their boss.

“Ok, wait how do you know about our time machine?” Josh rebuked.

“Oh, Captain DT35 told me about it,” exclaimed their boss.

“Captain, I told you not to tell anyone!” yelled Sarah.

“I’m sorry I just got really excited about it and I just had to tell someone!” blurted Captain DT35.

“Well, next time don’t, ok?” said Sarah.

“Alright let’s go find this treasure!” said Josh excitedly.

When they traveled there, they called their boss and asked him where the treasure was.

“It’s in a hidden temple,” said their boss. There will be a dragon guarding it so be careful.”

“Ok we are on it!” exclaimed Josh.

Seven hours later Josh said, “Reporting back to Jungle, Inc.”

“I think we found it!” Sarah yelled. “Wow, that’s a big temple! It reminds me of the Indiana Jones series.”

“Yeah, it does,” said Josh. “But we need to get moving.”

When the three got to the top of the staircase they stared at the treasure in amazement.

“Wow, it’s so… shiny!” Sarah gasped as her jaw dropped to the floor.

“Let’s hurry up and get it because we don’t have much time!” Josh said eagerly.

As they approached the treasure, they heard a loud rumbling noise.

“What was that?!” Sarah stuttered.

“I don’t know but it can’t be anything good!” yelled Josh.

Suddenly a humongous dragon fell from through the roof.

“Oh my gosh!” Sarah screamed. “Run!”

“No!” Josh yelled. “We came for the treasure and that’s what we are going to get! Captain, use your net gun!”

“I’m on it!”

Captain DT35 shot his grapple gun at the dragon and it got it pinned to the ground. They quickly grabbed the treasure and started running. The dragon got out of the net and started chasing them. It was breathing fire and catching up to them, but they got to the time machine just in time.

“We got the treasure boss,” panted Josh.

“Perfect!” said their boss. “I’ll keep this safe.”

“Just a reminder, we are never going back there ever again,” exclaimed Sarah. “It was complete chaos!”

“All that matters is that we have the treasure and that it is safe,” exclaimed their boss.

At that moment they heard a rumbling noise followed by a roar coming from the time machine.

“Oh no.” the four said simultaneously

To be continued…


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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