Butterflies and Fears

By Emmett Alan Gaalswyk

    I had a fear of butterflies,

(I was young then, okay?)

They looked very odd to me,

So I always ran away.

I did not like their colors,

They looked poisonous,

And that way they flapped their wings,

They looked so villainous!

Then one day my mom said,

“We will go somewhere fun,

It is filled with butterflies…

Say, why are you so glum?”

I said that it was nothing,

I said that I felt fine,

But way deep down inside,

I wanted to decline!

When we got there I was scared,

Look at all these wings,

I felt like I was going to die,

With their poking and their stings!

Then time went by, as it does,

It was about a year or so after.

We went to buy some new spring flowers,

When my heart turned to a new chapter.

I saw one there, all black and orange,

And it did not look so bad.

Nobody was panicking,

Maybe I should be glad?

I saw this pretty butterfly,

Then it flew away from me.

But patience, patience, patience,

Was, of course, the key.

So I waited for a while,

And held out my small hand.

And soon it crawled right over,

Then, my heart did expand!

It caused a change in my views,

For butterflies big and small.

My mom was so surprised,

I let him land on me at all!

I explained to her that day,

I conquered one of my fears.

She was so very proud of me,

She even broke into tears!

So, the moral of this story,

Try and conquer your fears!

You will be so very happy,

For oh so many years!

Now excuse me because I,

Am going out to the trees.

Why? Because I’m gonna conquer,

My big ol’ fear of bees!


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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