The Pandemic and My Journey to Ireland

By Amna Syeda

When the Covid-19 pandemic happened, my mom had to go to Dublin, Ireland to help the people during the pandemic. My little sister and I also went to Ireland with our mom. In Ireland, we got the opportunity to go to a school. So many things were new for me, the culture, the weather, the accent.

I took little time to adjust myself in the new environment. I made new friends. I had fun playing with them and they helped me when I needed help. Irish language is known as Gaelic. It is a beautiful language. I learned some Irish language and started speaking Irish in sentences very quickly and everyone was surprised. I learned a lot about Irish people, their culture and their tradition.

Ireland is so green and very beautiful. During our stay in Ireland, we went on a road trip to Connemara, Galway in Ireland. One defining moment was when I climbed to the top of a hill called Diamond Hill which is 1,600 feet.

I first thought I would not be able to do that as the way to the top was very steep and I was getting scared of the height, but when I made it to the top it was very exciting moment for me. We found a lot of crystals and sang the national anthem at the top.

I had lots of fun with my family too. My journey to Ireland introduced me to this beautiful country and its culture. I learned to live in a new country and adapt to a new culture. For me, the defining moment in this journey was overcoming my fear and reaching to the top of Dimond Hill. I am so proud of myself.


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