The Crash

By Annabelle Skurkay

It was a rainy day in Honolulu, Hawaii. My name is Lilliana, and I am nine years old. On this trip it will be my mom, dad and my seven-year-old brother Connor. We boarded the plane at 7 a.m. to fly out to Indiana to see my Granny and Grandpa. We were only in the air for an hour before the flight attendants started to warn us the plane may go down. Everyone went into panic and prayed.

To keep us calm they started handing out cookies and water for a snack. As they were trying to hand out snacks the plane started to shake and go out of control. I could not even tell where I was, at this point I blacked out.

I opened my eyes and we were heading towards a volcano. My brother started to slip out of his seat. He went through the window and flew inside of the hot lava volcano. We were all devastated but we could not lose each other anymore. They gave us flotation devices because we might go into the deep waters where there are many mysterious sea creatures. Finally, the plane sank. We started with 346 people in the plane and now there are only 25 left. The rest unfortunately passed.

We were swimming to shore for our lives. My parents were left behind because I took professional swimming lessons from an Olympic gold medalist. I took a look behind me and I saw a shark chewing up my mom. She was screaming but nobody could help her. My dad and I kept swimming, but he could not swim anymore and I was unable to pull him, so he had to give up and unfortunately drowned.

I had to swim to shore myself with this other young girl who is 10 and named Olivia. We were alone and the only survivors. I ran across the beach and found a woman with three kids and asked her for help. She immediately called the police.

When the police came, they took us to an adoption center. I wanted to stay with the kind lady who helped us because that would be a loving home. We made a deal with the adoption center that Olivia and I would stay together no matter the circumstances.

Once we got to a home, both of us met our new foster parents, Karen and Jim. They were mentally and physically abusive. We hated it there. All I was trying to do was get out. There was no way. They would be so mad at us if we contacted the police.

We got to school and told our teacher. She called the police immediately and offered to take us in. Of course, we said yes. Little did we know she lived on a farm and had 16 kids. They had no time for us. We were forgotten about and had to raise ourselves.

I made the executive decision to confront Karen and Jim, but they were not understanding. So, we contacted the head woman of the adoption center, Miss Savannah. She asked us if we had a preference. We thought back to the woman who helped us first. Her name was Stephanie. Miss Savannah called Stephanie and she agreed. We packed our bags and she picked us up at the adoption center. Now we live an amazing life with a family who loves us. That is my story on the crash.


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