The Start of Freddy and Cali’s Adventures

By Aidric Calderon

It all started by the ocean. There was a small village located on an island off the coast of the Bahamas. There was a lot of ocean-lined beach at this village. There were also two dogs, Cali and Freddy. Freddy was a German shepherd and Cali was a Doberman. They did not know each other yet.

Cali was at the ocean swimming and she noticed these random square waves in the water, but she didn’t think anything of it. Cali also noticed this other dog running.

“Hi,” she yelped.

The other dog, whose name was Freddy, replied to Cali, “Hi, we should probably get out of here.”

“Why?” Cali asked.

“Oh, you know those square waves out there?’’ the dog mentioned.

“Yeah,” Cali exclaimed, wondering what this other dog was thinking.

“Well, those are signs of a tsunami!”

“What?!” Cali screamed as they ran away from the water.

They heard a rumbling sound right behind them! They saw a little golf cart and Cali ran even faster to get to it. She got in and then picked up Freddy.

“Floor it!” he yelled.

The golf cart did a wheelie and Cali almost fell off! They made it past Miami but they noticed that the golf cart was on low fuel, so they got out and ran all the way to Georgia where they were safe. Well, they thought…

One year later, Cali and Freddy were still best buds and they thought alike. They were low on money and they were looking around for jobs to do, so they went to the beach. There were two slots open for lifeguard training. They completed the training, got hired and they started out as casual lifeguards getting paid $14 per hour.

About two weeks later they got promotions. Now they taught little puppies how to swim. They had a group of four mixed golden retrievers and Siberian huskies. Everyone in the city thought they were really cute. So, they were really lucky to have that group of puppies. They worked hard with them teaching the four puppies to be strong swimmers at the beach.

On the last day of swimming lessons, Freddy and Cali took the puppies to the fair in Moonlight City. They were in line for the Zero Gravity ride. It was really crowded and loud because of all the screaming. The reason it was so crowded was because there was a discount on tickets and an exciting new ride.

“Can we go to the hot dog stand? I promise I’ll get you a box of pizza rolls,” said Cali.

‘’No”, Freddy said, “We’re almost there.”

Five minutes later they made it to the ride and got on. The ride’s nails were loose and then it slipped off and they started rolling away! Everyone was screaming but then Cali had an idea. She unbuckled herself and tore off the seat belt and tied it onto the ride. She let go of the seat belt and it caught onto a little metal anchor in the ground. The ride stopped moving! Cali saved the day! The puppies and everyone on the ride were safe!

Two days later the fair was over, and fall was soon to come. Freddy and Cali were just sitting down eating fried butter on a stick watching the news. Someone got the recording of the security cameras at the fair and they saw what Cali did. They announced on the news that they are going to deliver $3 million to her as a reward for saving the puppies and everyone on the Zero Gravity ride. Cali was so excited and told Freddy she would share the reward money with him. They decided to do something to help the people in Moonlight City.

“You know what we need in this town that we don’t already have?” asked Cali.

“No, not really,” Freddy replied.

“A big pool!’’ Cali said.

Freddy thought, “Oh no, that’s going to cost a fortune!”

Cali donated $2.5 million to the Moonlight City Council and they built a pool right next to Moonlight Dog Elementary School. It was free to get in so a lot of times at gym class they would go over to the pool and most of the dogs had now learned to swim. At this same time, the climate was changing, and the entire Arctic and North and South poles were beginning to melt. The news started reporting that the coastal waters in Florida and California were rising by about two feet per minute! They started gathering supplies to build a raft.

They had the blueprint for a pretty good boat but there weren’t enough seats for that many dogs. They found an abandoned speed boat and took two motors and four seats from the boat. They attached these parts onto the raft. Next, they chopped down a couple palm trees for firewood to cook with. Then they saw a mountain and decided to drive their golf cart over to it to get some rock. They used the rock and the palm tree wood to make fishing poles and paddles.

They noticed that the water was starting to rise right next to them! They got on their raft and started floating away. They waited for the water to get about 10 feet high before starting the two motors. They saw a little yellow glowing fish that they thought was really cute. They caught it with their fishing net to save the little fish. They had a little aquarium on the raft and put the yellow glowing fish inside to keep him safe after filling it with water. Freddy and Cali saw several dogs swimming around in front of their raft. The dogs swam toward their raft and climbed on with their help. They realized that they still didn’t have enough seats, so they started looking around the water and saw another abandoned yacht with eight seats.

They tied the yacht to the back of their raft. Then they caught some fish with the other dogs’ help and cooked them for dinner. They went fishing using nets and caught a bunch of shrimp, which they saved for later. Suddenly there was a huge hurricane right behind them!

“What should we do?” Cali yelled to Freddy.

“Let’s figure out how to drain all this water out of the atmosphere,” Freddy explained as he looked over at Cali. “How are we gonna do that?” Freddie asked.

Cali noticed a garden hose slowly drifting away. “Hey, over there is a garden hose!” Cali screamed as she pointed to it. She then grabbed it and pulled it into the boat. The water kept getting higher and higher and they could see the edge of the atmosphere! Then Freddy had an idea, so he grabbed the hose, put part of it in the water and put the other side into the atmosphere. It was draining really fast, and they saw the top of One World Trade Center in New York while they took off on their makeshift boat in Florida!

They decided to go down all the way to the streets so they could find food and other things they needed. They went to a hotel and decided to stay there so they opened the door and water went everywhere but it dried up pretty quickly. They wondered why the water had dried up so fast. They waited one whole day to actually sleep in there, so they slept on the towels from the boat that night. Then they just started living in the hotel. But then, they realized, oh no! A drought!

To be continued…


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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