Taco Argument

By Marco Jakovich

It started one day when I was with my sister, Sasha, and we got into an argument. I wanted to order a soft shell taco at Taco John’s, and Sasha wanted a hard shell taco. We only had enough money to get one.

I said to Sasha that we should get a soft shell taco because it tastes better. She said the opposite. Then she said that a hard shell taco does not spill as much meat, cheese and lettuce. I told her that was not correct because you can wrap up a soft shell taco. I said that a soft shell is not stiff like a hard shell so it should be better. She did not agree with me. Then she lied and said that she was allergic to flour, but she knew that I knew that she was not allergic to anything.

Then I suggested we have a Taco Bravo because it has both hard shell and soft shell. Sasha said no. I asked her why not? She said no again. I asked if she wanted anything other than a hard shell taco. She said nothing. I thought that she was stubborn.

I gave up and said, “Fine, we can have a hard shell taco but with no mild sauce.”

She said no again because she had a fixed mindset. I really hated mild sauce, and she loved it.

I said, “How about I choose what to get and next time you choose.”

She said she wanted to choose first. She also said to hurry up because she was starving. I said ok.

I ordered a hard shell taco with mild sauce. We waited and waited for what seemed like hours. It was so long that I thought I saw the sun go down and come back up again. Finally, we got our food. She wanted to have the first bite. I let her. We ate a really good taco other than the shell and the sauce.

To conclude, it is okay to lose arguments sometimes!


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