My Diabetes Story

By Emerson Garry

Hello, my name is Emerson Garry and today I’m going to be telling you my story of diabetes. The day started pretty normal. I woke up and got ready. My entire family was already downstairs eating breakfast. My mom told me just the other day that I was going to go to the clinic just to be asked a couple questions since my parents were convinced there was something wrong with me because I was constantly drinking water and going to the bathroom. I also lacked energy. I asked my parents repeatedly if there were going to be shots because I hate shots. They said no but I didn’t really believe them because they were being very quiet. We dropped my siblings off at school and then drove to the clinic.

Once we arrived at the clinic, I went to sit in the waiting room with my parents. After a while they called me back into the room. I sat in a chair and a nice-looking lady sat across from me and my family. She started asking me random questions like if I had been going to the bathroom a lot and drinking a lot of water. I downgraded it a lot more than what was actually happening because I was afraid there was something wrong with me.

After we were done talking, she told us to go wait in another room because I was going to have to get some blood drawn. I was so angry because I did not know that I would have to get blood drawn. I waited with my dad sitting next to me and my fear built up. Finally, a lady called us back and I sat in a chair while they found my vein and took some blood. It hurt a lot, but it was over after a little bit. After blood was drawn, I was free to go so I left and got dropped off at school. The day continued to be very normal until about lunch time.

My teacher told me that I was going to be leaving school early so I packed up my things and went to my car. My parents didn’t really tell me anything but just kept driving and said that we were going someplace. We stopped at the gas station to get me an apple so I could have something to eat. I noticed bags in the back seat, so I asked where we were going.

My parents told me we were going to the hospital and that I was going to stay overnight there. They said it was going to be fun. I did not worry too much on the way there. Once we arrived, we signed in and they checked my pulse and my blood pressure. Then my dad left the room to go get some supplies and I found out that my grandma was there. Soon they led me into a room in the ER and a lady came in to deliver some sad news. She said that I had Type 1 diabetes. My mom started to cry and I felt horrible.

I did not exactly know what Type 1 diabetes was, so the lady explained it to me. She said that there’s something inside my body called the pancreas and it breaks down carbs that you eat and turns them into energy. My pancreas does not work anymore. She said that the blood test was there to check my A1C. A normal kid my age has an A1C about five. Mine was 18, the highest they’ve ever seen someone have. She also said there’s no cure and diabetes will be with me for the rest of my life.

After a little bit, they moved me to a different room where I would be spending the night. I did not get to eat that whole night and I was starving. Sleep was pretty bad because I had to wake up every hour. In the morning I finally got to have breakfast. I ordered tons of food from the menu that they’d given me. There was a TV in my room and I got to watch shows on it. One of the bad parts was that I had to get three IVs in my arm that hurt a lot whenever I moved. That night my dad got us all Chick-fil-A and then I was discharged after just one day.

During that day, I got to FaceTime my sisters at home and got some gifts from friends and family. The drive home was very bittersweet and I asked a ton of questions. Once I got home my aunt was there waiting for me since she was watching my younger siblings. It was great to be home.

For this last bit I want to share some facts about diabetes. First of all, it is not contagious and anyone can get it. There are two types of diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 happens usually when you’re a child and affects you for the rest of your life. When you get Type 1 diabetes your pancreas completely shuts down. When you get Type 2 diabetes you usually get it in your adult life from eating too much sugar. I did not get Type 1 diabetes from eating too much sugar. Since my pancreas does not produce insulin, a form of energy, I have to have shots whenever I eat and those shots distribute insulin into my body. I can still play and have fun. It has been a year-and-a-half since that day on 9/9/19 and I have grown a lot since then. And that is my story.


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