A Dream Come True

By Jordyn Earl

These are the days that changed Mariah’s life forever. Mariah always dreamt of having superpowers ever since she saw her first superhero movie. Mariah is from Sanibel Island, Florida and lives alone. Her parents died in a car crash, and no one knows who hit them, but they taught her everything, so she wanted to live on her own. She is very independent, kind, caring and funny! She cherishes her friends deeply and cares for them when they need it. Now she’s a normal 15-year-old girl and in ninth grade.

Then one day something huge happened. Mariah had just woken up after dreaming about her favorite superhero, Magnetina. It was the weekend and she had planned to hang out with her friends at the boardwalk. She got dressed, brushed her teeth, grabbed her purse and phone, and dashed out of her house. She arrived at the boardwalk and met her friends. Mariah then realized that she had left her money back at her house.

“Ugh!” Mariah cried.

“What is it?” asked her best friend Kayla.

“I left my money at home! I wish I could fly. That would be way faster than walking!”

Just as Mariah said that she began to fly! Heads started turning her way and her friends were shocked. Mariah also looked shocked. Her jaw dropped.

“Oh my gosh! I’m flying!” Mariah yelled.

Even more people started staring at her. Her other friends, Jess and Ariana, also stared at her. People whipped out their phones and began taking pictures and videos! Mariah didn’t want to be “The Next Big Thing,” so instead of waiting, she flew down to her friends and grabbed them. One friend was on her back and she was holding the other two friends by their hands.

“We have to get out of here!” Mariah whined. Ten minutes later they arrived at Mariah’s house and they talked and hung out.

“Don’t you want to be famous?” Kayla asked.

“No, because…” Mariah stopped to think.

“See, you don’t even know why!” Ariana teased.

“No! I know exactly why!” Mariah squealed.

“Well then tell us!” Jess added.

“Alright. I don’t like having cameras on me 24/7! Oh, and all the interviews!” Mariah said.

“C’mon you can’t turn something that big down!” Kayla said.

“Alright, but I won’t have any time left to hang out with you guys,” Mariah said in a sly voice.

“Oh no, you should stay. We totally understand how it might feel. Now please stay!” all of her friends pleaded.

“Ha, ha that’s what I thought! Maybe I should give myself a disguise though,” Mariah slyly added.

“What kind of a disguise, Mariah?” Kayla asked.

“Like…” Mariah had to think once again.

“You always have to think about something before you say it!” Ariana fumed in an annoyed voice.

“Stop it! I have an idea. I was thinking like a crazy rainbow wig, like what clowns wear! And then one of the glasses that are connected to a fake nose, big bushy eyebrows and a big bushy mustache!” Mariah and all her friends burst into laughter.

“Are you serious?” Kayla laughed.

“Yes, and that’s the worst part!” Mariah started crying because she was laughing so hard.

Little did Mariah know that she had every single power.

Mariah’s best friend, Kayla was 16 years old, so she drove Mariah and her other friends to the store to buy the disguise. Luckily Halloween was around the corner so there were tons of items Mariah could use to use for her disguise. They walked into the store and went to where the costumes were.

“I wish I could just be invisible.” Mariah murmured. Once again, Mariah did as she wished and turned invisible.

“Mariah? Where are you?” her friends asked.

“I’m invisible!” Mariah said in a shocked voice.

“Well, now we don’t have to buy you any disguises! Bummer,” Kayla said with her back slouched.

“Yeah,” Jess said, frowning.

The next day Mariah woke up at 6:15 a.m. She got dressed, made breakfast and brushed her teeth after eating. She decided to practice and see if she had every power imaginable. It turns out she did. Mariah decided to call her friends on a Snapchat group call. Mariah explained everything.

“No way, Mariah!” Kayla screeched.

“I know, right?!” Mariah said excitedly.

“I have an idea! Mariah and Kayla will love it!” Jess said happily after everyone calmed down.

“What is it, Jess?” All three of the girls asked.

“Since Mariah and Kayla have always wanted to be twins, they can be!” Jess said very excitedly.

“Yay!” Mariah and Kayla screeched. Then Mariah transformed into a clone of Kayla.

“Oh my gosh, you look just like me!” Kayla screamed.

“I know!” Mariah squealed

The girls met up at the boardwalk once again and talked about what to do. Mariah came up with the idea to make Kayla look like Mariah and that Mariah would stay as Kayla and that they could basically switch lives for a day!

“Oh my gosh, that’s an amazing idea!” Kayla yelled.

Mariah turned Kayla into a clone of herself and stayed as a clone of Kayla. The girls had school the next day but of course they stayed at their own houses. They also kept their own personal belongings like their phones, wallets, etc.

The next day the girls had school and were very nervous to go to school. They swapped schedule papers and walked around school quietly so they wouldn’t draw any attention to themselves. They both eventually found their way to each other’s first class. Neither of them could talk without stuttering.

“Psssst. Kayla!” said one of Kayla’s other friends that Mariah didn’t know. Mariah just decided to ignore the girl, but she wouldn’t stop trying to get her attention.

“Lilyana, please stop trying to whisper to Kayla. You want to learn, don’t you, Miss Johnson?” Ms. Wilson warned.

“Ye-ye-yes ma’am,” Mariah said nervously.

“Are you feeling alright, Kayla? You never stutter. Why don’t you go down to the office and rest. You are my star student,” said the teacher, Ms. Wilson.

Mariah walked down to the office slowly. She tiptoed down the stairs and didn’t talk at all. The nurse wasn’t there so she just walked to one of the cots. A few minutes later the nurse arrived. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a jean jacket and a black and white striped shirt. She had black leggings and light-yellow slippers.

“How can I help you, Kayla?” asked the nurse.

“Th-the teacher s-s-sent me,” Mariah said nervously.

“Oh my! I can already see why! You never stutter!” The nurse cried, shocked. The nurse took Mariah’s temperature, gave her a glass of water and let her rest. A while later Kayla walked in!

“Hey Mariah! Erm, I mean h-h-hey Mariah,” Mariah called while winking at Kayla.

“Hey Kaylam,” Kayla said with her hands over her stomach. Both girls fell asleep on their cots. Eventually both the girls woke up to a bell ringing. They had just slept through the whole school day. Then Ms. Wilson walked in the room.

“How are you doing, Kayla? And Mariah of course!” Ms. Wilson asked.

“We’re doing better. Way better,” Kayla said.

“You girls should get rest once you get home,” Ms. Wilson suggested. Once the girls got all their stuff from their lockers they met at the back of the school and changed back to their normal selves again.

“What a day that was! I was nervous all day!” Mariah stated.

“Yeah, I got a stomachache right when I entered the building!” Kayla added. As soon as the girls finished talking, Mariah’s phone buzzed. She got a text from Ariana.

The text read, “Hey! Where are you and Kayla? Jess and I are at the front of the school waiting! Hurry up!”

“We better get going. Jess and Ariana are waiting at the front,” Mariah suggested.

“Alright, I’m pooped though. We should have a sleepover!” Kayla also suggested.

“Ooh, yeah! We can have pizza, soda, candy and watch movies! I have the perfect movie!” Mariah added.

“Ha, ha. That sounds good. What movie though?” Kayla questioned.

“Magnetina vs. Tyrannosaurus Titan!” Mariah squealed.

“Of course that’s it. Why should I even have asked?” Kayla laughed.

The girls walked to the front of the school together and met up with Jess and Ariana. They explained their idea of having a sleepover and Jess and Ariana were excited to be included. The girls decided to have it at Kayla’s house since she had a 70-inch TV. A few hours after packing, the girls we’re ready to go. Kayla was the only one with a driver’s license since she was a grade above them, so she picked them all up. They stopped at the store and picked up treats. Once the girls arrived, they grabbed their bags and each claimed a spot to relax at.

“I’m so excited to watch the movie!” Mariah stated excitedly.

“Yeah, it’s only like your 50th time watching it!” Kayla giggled.

Mariah sighed and laughed. “Y’know, I don’t think I’m ever going to switch places with you again, Kayla. Your friend wouldn’t stop trying to whisper to me!” Mariah blurted randomly during the movie.

“Shhhhh!” all of her friends spat.

For the rest of the night the girls talked and chatted.

“I think all these powers of mine will only be used for the greater good. Or just for fun. Probably never anything huge like switching spots with Kayla for a day!” Mariah announced.

“Agreed,” Kayla responded.

“What should we do now? I am bored. I feel like we have done everything imaginable!” Ariana complained.

“Wait. I just got the best idea ever!” Mariah yelled.

“What? Usually all of your superpower ideas end up being a mess!” the rest of the group questioned.

“If I have every power imaginable then I can make you guys have some powers, then if you have powers, we can be superheroes!” Mariah screeched. All the girls started squealing. Mariah gave Kayla laser eyes and zero gravity power, Jess had freeze ray hands and flying powers, and Ariana had super strength and super jump!

The girls had taken sewing lessons a few years ago so they made superhero suits. Kayla’s was blue and green striped with a mask that covered her whole face, Jess had a pink and light-yellow suit with a flower hair bow and a pink and yellow mask that only covered her eyes, Ariana had a black and purple suit with a hood that had cat ears since she loved cats, and last but definitely not least was Mariah. She had a suit that was all black with a grey belt and a black and grey striped mask with fancy black glasses. She had a whole bunch of items on her belt like a grappling hook, a bubblegum pack with super sticky gum so she could chew it and throw it at the enemy so they would stick to something. She had a teleportation button and finally a glitter bomb. When you threw it, it exploded with glitter which made it hard to see though it is not harmful. The girls were ready to kick some butt.

The girls stared off into the distance, silently. Until someone broke the silence.

“There it is, our first client,” Mariah slyly stated as she stood up.

“What are you talking about?” The girls asked.

“You’ll see if you follow me,” Mariah said quietly.

The girls followed Mariah and she led them to a roaring chocolate monster! Mariah threw a glitter bomb, Ariana picked up the monster and Jess froze it! He eventually broke free and began roaring loudly and angrily. The monster jumped up and over a building running away. The girls all chased him. Then Mariah had an idea.

“Guys, I have an idea! Since he’s a chocolate monster we could try to lead him into a huge bowl of boiling water! Then he will melt!” Mariah whispered so the chocolate monster wouldn’t hear.

“Perfect idea!” the rest of the group whispered back. There was a pasta restaurant and there was a huge bowl of fake pasta above it, so the girls took out the fake pasta and filled the bowl with burning hot water. The girls then began taunting the monster and eventually he started running over to them. The girls had a big rope so they could make him trip into the water. He tripped over the rope as planned and fell into the burning water. He began to melt and the water turned brown. The girls defeated him! Everyone around them began to cheer.

The girls continued to be superheroes and help others. They made people smile and even movies were made about them! And nobody knows their identities except them. There are countless villains they have fought like Marshmallow Man, Sneakers, Guitaria, Darci Drummer, Tyrone Teleporter, and many, many more. Too many to say.


SCSC Writing Contest Anthology 2021–22 Copyright © by Original Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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