The Accidental Accident

Andree Jakovich

It all started out one day, like any other day. We were driving to my grandparents’ house in Grand Rapids for my brother’s hockey tournament in Breezy Point. It felt like a long time until we would arrive in Grand Rapids. Deep down in my stomach I knew that it took five hours to get there. It took even longer because my sister, Sasha, just had her concussion two months earlier and she was still recovering. Once in a while my mom would pull over, and Sasha would come out of the car to clear her dizzy head. I was just about to throw up when my dad said that we were in Grand Rapids.

I was so relieved! Grand Rapids, here we come! I could tell my brother, Marco, was excited too. His long messy brown hair was sticking up, and he was grinning. Unlike Sasha, who was frowning since she did not want to come in the first place! Not just because of her concussion, also because she is the oldest. She is 14, and that’s when you start acting like a spoiled brat, which my mom calls a teenager. She doesn’t get out of her bed in the morning, my mom constantly keeps telling her to open her curtains in her room, she locks herself in the bathroom for a half an hour which I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t share a bathroom with her, and she is always on her phone, which makes everything worse with her concussion.

As a matter of fact, last month, I went in the bathroom to brush my teeth before bed and Sasha yelled “April Fools!” Sasha had put hand sanitizer on the toilet seat. The weirdest thing is that it was November. That night when everyone was sleeping, my sister yelled, “Ouch!” I ran into the bathroom only to find Sasha. She had just sat on the toilet seat, which she had put hand sanitizer on, a few hours ago!

At last, we finally pulled up in our grandparents’ driveway. I quickly ran to their house and I hugged my grandma and grandpa. Sasha and Marco did the same. Then we all went into our rooms to unpack all of our stuff. Sasha has her own bedroom. Her bedroom is sky blue, with flowered wallpaper. Marco and I share a bedroom. It is just plain white, with lots of old photos, and an old, off tune piano.

When I finished unpacking, I brushed my teeth and jumped straight to bed. I slept on the floor, but Marco got an actual bed. I tried to fall asleep but it was hard with Marco there. He just would not stop making noises!

Just then, my dad came into the room and said, “If you don’t stop making noises, you will have to do dishes for the next year.” My dad always goes over the top with punishments.

Sometimes, I wish Marco would act less like an animal, and more like a human being. Also, he looks like Pig-Pen in Charlie Brown. I finally got to sleep at around 11:30 p.m.

I slept well, even though something was wrong. I could not seem to figure it out. The next thing I knew, I was sitting on my mom’s lap in a waiting room. At first, I didn’t know where we were. Then I spotted a big sign that read EMERGENCY ROOM in big red capital letters.

A few minutes later, a nurse brought me and my mother to a room. When we got to the room, I asked my mom why I was in the emergency room. She said that I had a seizure. I was just about to ask her what a seizure was, but I held all my thoughts in my head because just then a nurse came in with a very long needle. She poked me! To tell you the truth, initially it did not seem that bad, I thought, but afterwards my arm felt very sore and I became glum.

Then, the nurse tested my blood pressure. Eventually, we left the hospital and got into the car. My grandpa was in the passenger seat. As we drove away, my mom explained what happened. She said that at about 7 a.m., she got woken by Marco. He said that something was wrong with me. He also said that I was coughing up white foam and choking. When my mom checked on me, we immediately left for the emergency room. Good thing my grandpa had been woken up by all that commotion, so he offered to drive us since I was unconscious and my mom needed to hold me.

Soon, we arrived back at our grandparents’ house. My grandma was making pancakes. I finally felt like myself again and I ate with my family. My brother kept on talking about what just happened. We left my grandparents’ house and continued to Breezy Point, our final destination. Now, this time, I did not mind having to stop for Sasha, because I felt dizzy from the driving too! Ultimately, I thought the trip was awesome even with the accidental accident!


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