7 Poems of 2001 January – June

any promise

for some moments
i am alive

soon the wind will take me
i will be gone

as will you
with all your beauty

will this end be different
is there any promise

or will we both disappear

Poem 176
June 26, 2001


except for you and me

 there’s no rest for the wicked
and even less for you
or me

the wicked suffer badly
enduring the pleasures
they’ve stolen

so punished are the wicked
they labor thru the night
and sleep

while the good work thru the day
under the burning sun
and die

were wickedness less painful
more wicked there would be

except for you and me

Poem 175
June 26, 2001


neck to nose

life is
a lot of little steps
in between the rushes
of out of control

sometimes disasters
neck to nose
sometimes disasters
neck to nice

and always we believe
in the nice
if we are healthy
if we are lucky

Poem 174
June 26, 2001


great chances

it’s strange i’ve not ended yet
i’ve had such great chances
but failed to cash in

i could’ve left in a pool
when i was just a kid
but wasn’t suicidal enough

could’ve been pretty dead
but wasn’t sent to the front

and that time in New Orleans
the punk got philosophical

could’ve fallen off the mountain
but hit an oak tree
after two hundred feet

could’ve got squished by that train
by dump trucks or busses
or by a Samoan or three

could’ve hit the telephone pole
sliding out of control
in the car in rain and ice

and quite a few more
i don’t know about

so what’s going on
you suppose it’s all luck
maybe divine assistance

me, i figure it’s a miracle

Poem 173
June 17, 2001


drops of dew

hours wait before the dawn
wild with uncertainty

when the grass is covered
with those cold drops of dew

will we be together
will we walk in our garden

or my love will i be
alone with the roses
so bitter and sharp

Poem 172
June 14, 2001


i can see

life is quick and often harsh

i will no doubt end soon

the current carries me up
and down without care

if i am calm i can see
faces in the stream

i am not alone

if i am calm i can see
colors ever shifting
towards the end

there is beauty

Poem 171
June 8-14, 2001


off center

can you hear me?  do you
know what i am thinking?

can you see what i am seeing?
do your eyes work like mine?

or is your world different

perhaps we can never touch
our eyes forever off center
our hearts in other spheres

Poem 170
June 11, 2001


in between

i have hours to spare
can i dream of you

when duty calls
when walls of rock
step in between

i will still love you

and our love is
out of time

Poem 169
May 13, 2001


made of woman

 these winds are cruel
i see your face in each gust

would you hold out your hand
for me to hold on to

but are you safe to hold

solid, made of woman
or are you made of dream

Poem 168
April 23, 2001


i am leaf

i am leaf
i am free

i sail in the wind

soaring a hundred meters
over your head

swerving back and forth
unto the ground

capturing a wild gust
i fly again

and again and again and again

i am leaf
i am free

Poem 167
April 1, 2001


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