4 Poems from April-June 1999

carved from cold

 have you ever loved a rock
a bit of nature carved from cold
till morning woke you up

has your mind never wondered
what would be if love was not
a land of bleak grey rock

calmer than the last spring day
my storms offer my love to you
why do i have to cry

Poem 144a
June 17, 1999


the meeting house of death

 i am the meeting house of death
are any of us anything else
caught in a terrible dream

living out roles born before us
blind actors driven to their fate
by words carved in their souls

and my love stands outside of this
she holds me in those brief dawn hours
when i recall who i am

but my dark dreams reach out for her
to curse something merely human
is love any protection

Poem 144b
June 15, 1999


she may be there

i trust only my daughter’s hand
all else is lies
all else is twisted thoughts

i will die but she may be there
all else is dreams
all else is bitter wine

Poem 143
June 11, 1999


mad storms

my heart is two sea currents
one flows north cool and rich
with calm and soothing love

one goes south hot and harsh
with winds fueling mad storms
my heart is full of conflicts

Poem 142
June 10, 1999


the route home

 we got lost within a dream
and couldn’t find the route home

we climbed thru the high mountains
sharing music for their food

it was hard but there was joy
and we did love most truly

Poem 141
June 9, 1999


so little time

flowers grow and reach their end
as lovers what chance have we
to grow past a certain time

night comes and grows deeply dark
as my hand does towards you reach
tonight we shall have our time

winter is a time of loss
your dark eyes i seldom see
so much in so little time

Poem 140
June 4, 1999


given and lost 

i love you
don’t matter anymore
love is as the wind

i want to be with you
hours given and lost
in the gusts of pleasure

like a dream shared by two
a breeze, a storm, a gale
for i do love you

Poem 138
May 28, 1999


nothing evermore

pull back pull back
she has teeth
she bites and

there is nothing ever after
there is only now
there is no then

Poem 137
May 24, 1999


so quickly by

other things will rise and fade
your face will be with me always

i have all i share with you
in those hours we are together
hours that pass so quickly by

you will be with me and i
part of the pattern of your life

Poem 136
May 20, 1999


as the sun pulls

what does it mean to be free
to grow as the sun pulls me
to love as my heart says

i cannot answer my sweet
perhaps it’s all in a dream
perhaps you need only try

can you tell me nothing else
are these doubts all your wisdom
haven’t you days taught you more

i know that love is precious
that friendship is a glory
that i want to be with you

Poem 135
May 21, 1999


love should not be

 if you cut a flower off
it lasts but a day or so
while left it can bloom for weeks
perhaps for forever

if you put a seed in glass
it grows but its leaves can no
more spread openly or free
it is not natural

if love binds you to this place
your eyes will no longer glow
your smile will be unhappy
love should not be so cruel

Poem 134
May 21, 1999


tight-clenched fingers

 as if love were the wind
that tossed about a magic
site to site lasting awhile

as if love were liquid
flowing thru tight-clenched fingers
resting on an open palm

it’s as if love were light
warming at times but burning
scars on the hearts of others

it’s as if love had eyes
but chose its victims with rules
that don’t see the lover’s face

as if love were the sea
saving or destroying each
it catches in its rough waves

Poem 133
May 19, 1999


as night comes

i whisper in your ear
i love you and touch your hair
i hold you close as night comes

you turn to me and smile
and say we should walk awhile
you are right for darkness comes

Poem 132
May 17, 1999


lost in my mind

 and why do i sometimes cry out
from pain that i do not feel
from thoughts of acts lost in my mind

why limp when i am not hurt
which challenge am i paying for
and why is the night so mild

Poem 131
May 16, 1999


no yesterdays

 if there is no end to time
i will once more love you
we will have all the hours we need

if there is no end to love
i have always loved you
in my arms you have always been

if there were no yesterdays
i would your lover be
together even in our dreams

Poem 130
May 10, 1999


work itself out

pull back, pull back, it’s her instincts
that count, i wait in the wings
for my turn to prance on the stage

whatever role i might have
will work itself out in its hour
she is directing this play

i’ll enjoy the acts i perform
i’ve spirit enough for that
made bold by the thought of her heart

Poem 129
May 7, 1999


a bit of fluff

you are, perhaps, like a spring wind
and i like a bit of fluff
borne and tossed about thru the day

for there are times that i fly
and times i fall and times you laugh
joined, we are, at these moments

Poem 128
May 5, 1999


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