19 Poems from 2010

my heart worth

a thief has stole my face
and worn it on the streets
playing the fool

bragging of the dark places
i hide inside me
to all others ears

proving my heart worth
some base metal
a handful of colored beads

Poem 329 .j10
October 21, 2010


half lived

life is very simple
you grow or you die
like a vegetable

death has its thunderbolts
which must strike somewhere

but most of the time
most of our lives are counted
breathe by breathe

our lives are lived
or half lived

and most must ask
why was I so weak
why didn’t I try

you see?

so little courage have we
we give life so little honor
blinded, perhaps, by lust

life asks for a bit more

for a dance, perhaps
or maybe for a quiet song
or for a simple thanks

life is no question
nor has life an answer

Poem 326 .e10
May 19, 2010


 a ghost girl

i had thought we were together
all those hours and months

it turns out I was wrong
i was alone all that time

living with empty fantasies
a ghost girl took my heart

Poem 328 .e10
May 17, 2010


only hope

love is a safe harbor
some believe
safe from cruel tides

love is a harsh tempest
i believe
waves overcoming all

in love nothing is real
all lies are true
all truth is false

in love
there is only hope

Poem 327 .e10
May 4, 2010


to here

 i’ve been in love before
but never to here
a healing sort of place

we’ve walked ten thousand roads
but never on one like this
perhaps a gift of a god?

you’ve given me your heart
and you already had mine
a song of great faith

Poem 325 .e10
May 3, 2010


to live

 death has the rare license
to divide
the inseparable

death plays its little jokes
on we who only live
until we become dust

i believe death laughs
at we of little courage
to live our lives

Poem 326 .e10
May 3, 2010


my love

 my love, let us dance
that long soft dance
through the night and day

my love, let us touch
that warm soft touch
until time itself has gone away

my love, let us kiss
that kiss of great trust
be times and ages as they may

Poem 324 .e10
May 3, 2010


a quiet song   

 love is laughter
a shared joke
about the silliness of life

love dances lightly
a quiet song
about the joy of life

love is about us
our beats of heart
about the beauty of our lives

Poem 332 .e10
April 19, 2010
Written next to this poem, “genius!” is circled



 a god once stopped by
and said to me
‘you don’t own your life
it’s a gift, you see, for
a few billion heart-beats

at best, then time will pass
as will fear

the god laughed and said

you ‘kids get out of here
go getta life

go getta life
this ain’t no jazz

go getta a good life
no pain there ain’t no gain

no pain, there ain’t no gain

Poem 312 .d10
April 15, 2010


whose soldier

whose soldier are you
in this murderous
march of time

whose commands do you heed
as hours savagely tear
thru your friends and lovers

what answer will you give
when the judge asks which day
you’ll pay for your choices

Poem 310 .d10
April 4, 2010


steps to come

 shall we dance
that slow dance
the one that lasts for years

will your face
turn toward mine
and smile for the steps to come

won’t you share
those to-swift hours
as we spin and turn and whirl

Poem 309 .c10
March 5, 2010


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