2 Poems from 1998

to retreat

rain falls on an autumn night
drumming on a nearby roof

can you make my love clean
give me a chance to retreat
and walk with my family

rain falls are unexpected
gusts washing trees to the root

Poem 122b
October 21, 1998


[no title]

wherever here is i’ve been here
passing through on my way home
(seeing nothing behind the closed door)
nothing calls out to the stranger

past cold faces locked in ice
we slide our hearts fail to waken
one step closer to my death

should i have stopped and tried to break
into someone else’s room


[no title]

when you hear echoes in the wind
and strange dreams pull at your heart
you let go more than anything
being safe means being lost
riding fashion into a star



poison woman

poison woman leave my dreams
beauty feeds nothing sane
your glory is my dis ease

nothing i wouldn’t do
with everything i would pay
to have those hours with you

a love which was never to be
she merely passed my way
and i drink a bitter wine

Poem 121
October 13, 1998


morning dawn

my love was a subtle poison
gentler than the smoothest wine
it made my head giddy and blind

the earth spun round in the sky
as i danced with besotten joy
crying for the look in her eyes

to wake in the cold morning dawn
dirty and feeling ashamed
no heart can be falser than mine

Poem 122
October 21, 1998


quite crooked

a candle tossed into the wind
its fire gone into blackness
forever on the other side

what cruel hand writes our story
ending everything in a slash
quite crooked, pure agony

your face is lost but in my dreams
i expect to hear your voice
but harsh light comes with mornings

Poem 119
September 24, 1998



i am blown by a cruel wind
others have their gravity
i am floss tossed from leaf to ground

you are blessed with a calm beauty

Poem 118
July 7, 1998


[no title]

you are lovely – so lovely no words can say
i love you beyond time and distance
what care i for what came before

you are beyond my dreams awake
i love you more than life itself
you are all i wish to be

i love you, please, please, stay with me
i love you, please, please, stay with me



like water

it was not the day i prayed for
i burned for you and nothing
dumbs one more than pure desire

much rose and fell between us
we progressed in so many things
that my joy was almost reached

but today was not as i planned
an impatient departing
you slip like water through my hands

Poem 97
May 21, 1998


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