15 Poems from 2006

likely not

there are as many hours
of darkness as there are
of light

does this mean i will again
be with you after this long
long night

likely not

a few minutes with you
count as full weeks
of bright life

Poem 282 .f06
June 12, 2006


be no more

time passes, a ticking clock
tomorrow will come
and then be no more

love happens, and disappears
into memories often false
that may lead to no where

you smile, truly, only sometimes
lucky is the one to whom
you promise your heart

Poem 281 .f06
June 7, 2006
of Lillian-sensei



heaven is a place i’m told
far away from here
a place of the non-living


heaven is the time i spend
shouting and sweating with you
a time of fighting and dancing

heaven is a feeling i think
of the end of one journey
and of the start of one new

Poem 280 .e06
May 13, 2006


gods are laughing

the gods sometimes give gifts
when i dance with you
the gods are smiling

the gods surely enjoy a joke
when we twist and fall
the gods are laughing

the gods of course judge our lives
when we play our best
the gods are approving

Poem 279 .e06
May 13, 2006


ever changing

our dance is like fire
hot of course
and wet from sweat

our dance is like wind
twisting turning
and ever changing

our dance is like nothing
i’ve done before
and it is good

Poem 278 .d06
April 1, 2006


in between

 the clock counts hours
our heart counts something

something in between
the ticks
sideways from normal

our heart can see into shadows
it can see thru layers of lies
after all

we choose
which time we will keep

Poem 277 .c06
March 14, 2006


we dance

you are a joy
time with you disappears
what will be will be

we dance for a while
strong and eager
what else will be will be

i know so little
of what will be
it must be as it must be

Poem 276 .b06
February 18, 2006



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