5 Poems from July-December 1999

over time

 there are hours when my tears fall
and i can’t explain why
what is causing me this pain

there’s partings late in the day
they add up over time
why shouldn’t i need to cry

Poem 151
November 28, 1999


cease to drum

i would taste your lips one time
my arms around your waist
while i dance that dance with you

i would that time cease to drum
and all our fears be lost
while we dance as lovers do

Poem 150
September 28, 1999


drink full

i want to hold our love
but there’s nothing there
nothing at all

you say love’s forever
but give me nothing
except your smile

our love should have pleasure
willful and daring
we should drink full

Poem 149
September 21, 1999


nothing, nothing

 isn’t death better than life
if i can’t hold you in my arms
i have nothing, nothing

isn’t a small desire
better than a hotel room
i am crying, trying

Poem 148
September 10, 1999


in the rain

 i hear your voice in the rain
great with power and light
do you hear me, hear mine?

i touched your face late one night
lovers under a cool moon
didn’t you feel what i felt?

Poem 147
September 2, 1999


can death be

my love has gone from me
her heart forever beyond
my hopes and desire

her smile that was once so warm
has grown hard and so cool
her lips darken in a frown

if i chance to meet her
can death be very different
than this when love has turned

Poem 146
August 26, 1999








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