14 Incomplete Poems

The following poems are from scattered handwritten notes.  They are not part of Bruce’s numbering scheme, and often have no dates or title.  They appear to be written between 2003 and 2005.


a bit twisted

my love sees herself in my eyes
a bit twisted to be sure
for my eyes see only beauty

my mind echoes my loves’ words
tinting them with strange bright colors
for my lip are saying prayers

does my love’s heart mirror mine
do I dance there and give pleasure
what’ve I become in her smile



[no title]

i am spring
i grow
i feel joy

i am thunder
i am earth
i laugh

and i care
for people
i am kind



[no title]

there will be anger
i will live in the sunset
and turn gently over
will you have this choice
will you suffer
will you have a future

fame is nothing but lies
i rest below that
not here
i dream another life may happen
i dream that time’s not bound
bound that dies



[no title]

lighter than a bit of flame
shredded by the night time

dark is dark
and nights are intense
as your demons



[no title]

might passes to the children
knowing as little as they can
queue freed [undecipherable]
death cuts the lock

sight is so limited
my eyes always blind
before i can live
i must accept death

all else is lies



[no title]

life is like a river
it has but on end
but the courses are infinite/ a host

my river has been varied
rapid and slow in turn
thru beauty and pain

may your river be full
rich in experience
before you rejoin the great sea

it’s probably true
love is an explosion
waiting to ignite
reacting to me

love calms waters
divided by storm
and i know it’s time
this is the beginning
and love is the end

sui 24 11 00


[no title]

i will be true
winds blow
minds change

i will be true
my children will grow
my life will [?]
I will be true



[no title]

islands in the sky
floating closer
as my life departs

no averages anymore
it’s all grows
into dark

time speeding, life’s fleeting
there is so much left
we will not see



[no title]

how many lies
have you told today
do you count
do they just slide by

how much shit
have you pitched to others
do you count your [?]
do you claim they’re [?]

how many years
have you lived in [?]
do you count your sins
do you know your danger




i am joy
i dance with the wind
i am happiness

I am quiet
[?] is slow
And deep light

i am laughter
lighter near light
brighter than the sun

i am so beautiful
i laugh at near [?]
enjoying my life

i am pleasure
to be with
for i laugh
& dance & sing



[no title]

beauty arises in the east
when the wind is calm
there is beauty in the east

beauty grows across the north
when cold shatters everything
making joy the only hope

beauty rises in the west



[no title]

light will fall again
my heart will sing
before i die and
it’s number counted out

night will spread wide
cool and calm and dark
and when i die
i wish it to be quick


[no title]

i be one like a pillar
i support
help others grow

i am like a pillar
i give support
to those who need it

but most, i tell them

November 4, 2005


[no title]

my job is to help others
become what they wish to be
oh smelly shit
what kind of life is this?

My life is like a pot
which smells very bad
i will help
as i can

what else have i,
i’ll help
i’ll do what i can

November 15, 2005


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