11 Poems from 2004

wild leaves

wild leaves cover the ground
their summer gone
their night arisen

i see your face in my mind
in the cooling weather
in the growing dark

there is warmth
in your smile
in my heart

Poem 254
November 24, 2004



i am whirlwind
i spin free
out of control you say
but not me

can’t you let go
and fly with me
fly into the wind
what will we see

Poem 241 sawa
June 18, 2004


great things

i can imagine
more beauty than yours
but not easily

i suppose someone’s smile
is warmer than yours
at least it’s possible

i can dream great things
but few as breath-taking
as you

Poem 240
June 16, 2004


i am joy

i am joy
the wind & i spin

till we fall
and then we laugh
at our silliness

i am quiet too
as i rest & grow
till the stars
grow dark

Poem 239 – sae
June 1, 2004


more wet

winds blow
my heart is troubled
i can not sleep

rains fall
hot, wet and more wet
i hate it

winds blow
somehow different
i am an eagle

snow comes
the cold is harsh
i have strength

Poem 238
May 31, 2004


twisted turns

these hours are so cold
yet some i understand
the twisted turns of fate
are unkind

i had hoped for more
but i can help others
give them what they need

i go on afraid almost
for the hours are so cold
when it is so very dark

i go on
though it is cold
and it is very dark

Poem 237
May 2004


barely touched

 i live but there are
only a few moments
when i’m alive

i breathe deeply so seldom
that it hardly counts
a life barely touched

– life passes
as if in a dream –

i dream life where more real
i with more courage
to fight against the end

Poem 236
April 26, 2004



as long as dreams

 i am very strong

i can pretend
almost anything is true
for an hour or two

my eyesight is clear

i can see what i want to see
me almost touching your lips
for as long as dreams are true

Poem 235
April 16, 2004


shared and said

 i will be true
i will write my words
on the wind

in the storm of the times

i will write of our joys
and of our sorrows
nothing will be hid

that can be shared and said

i will keep my task
close beside me
and i will live and die

can there by anything more

Poem 234
April 16, 2004



 i’ve been between the sunlight
and the darkness of the night
twilight you might call it

but only in my dreams
as if frail dreams had more truth
than meat stocks bombs or deathrays

my real life doesn’t know
that real is not really real
mere false dreams in my mid

on what hard rock can i sit
and not make an ass of myself
not knowing my ass from myself

Poem 233
April 7, 2004


half a love

 i see into your heart
and i feel this way too

yet what could we have together

weekend nights
a few hours
here and there

we could have half a love

Poem 232
April 5, 2004


separate universes

i dream:  we touch
your hand in mine
we move closer together

a cold wind blows
with night’s coming darkness
under mysterious stars

time must have an end
but not our love
in separate universes

Poem 231
March 29, 2004


full of life

 my mind is not calm
caught in a night of attacks
i do not rule my self

has my heart been broken
is nothing left for me
until the end of time

am i more an island
than a man
little more than a pulse

i do not wish to hurt
to harm others full of life
i wish to join their rush

Poem 230
March 19, 2004


gone somewhere

how can a heart beat
when it’s half empty
pieces lost somewhere
in the black of the night

how can i walk upright
when i can’t tell left from right
dizzier than a top spinning
mindlessly out of sight

how can i live a life
when i’m only half here
the rest gone somewhere
into the cold’s cold bite

Poem 229
March 1, 2004


knocked to the ground

 spring is the cruelest season
the plum trees toss their blossoms
onto the cold earth & snow

the cool calm winter days end
and harsh winds begin to blow
everything knocked to the ground

my heart empty despite the heat
of new life and lovers
jealous of the grass that grows

Poem 228
February 25, 2004


does it mean

 and if we touch each other
does it mean
that we are lovers?

and when we touch each other
does it mean
that it is for-ever?

and should our touching grow
does it mean
there is no other?

Poem 226
February 19, 2004


at times

i hear voices at times
in the night-time’s quiet

i love you, you say

i know it’s a delusion
you have little interest
and i very little life

yet when i am alone
i really hear voices
in the night’s dark quiet

Poem 225
January 10, 2004


far far away

 you are so beautiful
light on a cold dark night
yet so far far away

i’d like to talk with you
about things in our lives
yet how can i begin

we could walk together
it doesn’t matter where
let the time pass like rain

Poem 224
February 4, 2004


a bit of lilac

 can you imagine
a bit of lilac
light-purple under the sun

can you dream of hours
longer than before

i would be with you

can there be a time
we live together

there is no turning
unless i am with you

Poem 223
January 28, 2004


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