3 Poems from January-March 1999

on the brink

with you the leaves are greener
the sun clearer in its brightness
petals bursting on the brink

as we walk along the river
wind blown hair crossing your face
we pleasure in these hours of spring

and sorrow as linked petals fall
some torn apart by rude gusts
some twirling gently to their end

Poem 127
March 24, 1999


no ends

 when do lovers become friends
when does hot ice become water

do they break up in a flash
or do they join in an embrace

where eyes become a river
where together sees no ends

Poem 126
March 19, 1999


clouded the trains

 your breath clouded the train’s window
a mask between their world and ours
we laughed inside about your nose

so lovely, so soft is our night
i would it never had to end
a bit of gift from jealous gods

the last station comes so quickly
i hoped for more time together
goodbye our careful ritual

Poem 125
March 11, 1999


in other thoughts

 what do your eyes see tonight
do they see me looking at you
my love, or is it at him

are your eyes grey or are they brown
do you pause as i walk by
or are you lost in other thoughts

where do we have our own place
doesn’t my heart reach out to you
are your eyes only on him

Poem 124
February 26, 1999


beyond years

 how can we be so like lovers
caught up in each others’ eyes
lost in talk that lasts for hours

wanting to touch and be nearer
but never crossing those hot lines
that lead lovers beyond years

Poem 122
February 10, 1999


count these hours

love, what kind of dance do we dance
social dances spin and end
hot dances melt into the skin

are you building yourself a face
or is it deeper a real friend
or darker yet a shy lover

how do we count these hours of ours
nothing false has been spoken
but will the time count against us

Poem 122a
February 4, 1999


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