13 Poems from 2005 July – December

she smiles

 you assume too much
you have some air
to breathe
what else do you deserve

you presume too much
she smiles when she sees
you pass
what else could you hope for

you push too much
we all grow over time
into something
why do you want more

Poem 276 .l05
Heisei 17 12 05 – December 5, 2005


sends shivers

your eyes are lovely
your smile sends shivers
thru my body

can we possible meet
is your heart open
to a friendship

or is something more
what is your bright smile
trying to say

Poem 272 .j05
Heisei 17 10 21


he made me

he made me
he was with me at birth
i grew years passed

he was always there
i could hear his hear beat
despite life’s noise

at the very end & unwatched
he seemed angry at his weakness
we talked long

i promised i would carry on
i now carry a piece of him
in my heart

he did not truly die
he passed beyond
he lives in my heart

Poem 375 .j05
Heisei 17 10 25
Editor’s note: our father died October 25, 2015


in beauty

 go in beauty
for what else is there
that is worthwhile

the gaudy
the selfish
the liars

are all the same

go in beauty
pain is part of life
pain is part of life for us all

pain can help us grow
pain can be a seed
go in beauty

Poem 275 .j05
Heisei 17 10 21 – November 28, 2005


summer’s heat

 winds blow
sometimes breaking trees
sometimes cooling summer’s heat

you have great ability
do storms really matter
when your heart is true

you will not fail
your children will grow
they will be strong

he who loves you
will feel joy
for you give

far more
than you receive

Poem 274 .k05
Heisei 17 11 9 – November 9, 2005
For Yoko Ochiai


a solution

 time has no pain
it has only death
a solution
to a problem

death has no voice
it only laughs
at those
who hope

Poem 271 .i05
Heisei 17 9 17 – September 17, 2005


talk or shop

i would like to touch you
we could hold hands
or get hot and sweaty

i would like to be with you
we could talk or shop
or get hot and sweaty

i would like to learn from you
we could teach each other
or get hot and sweaty

Poem 270 .i05
September 17, 2005


gods have decided

 maybe i’m supposed to be alone
maybe the gods have decided
it would be better

if i lived by myself

if i were happy with what
the gods seem to have decided
would be best for me

mountains could fly

my dreams tell me helping
others is what i should seek
which is just fine with me

but i’d like to be with you

Poem 269 .i05
Heisei 17 9 9 – September 9, 2005


so sleek

i like you just as
you are but
if you were a bird

you’d be a fishing hawk
so fierce and fast

if you were a bug
you’d be a monarch butterfly
so strong and enduring

if you were a cat
you’d be a spotted leopard
so sleek and clever

Poem 268 .i05
Heisei 17 4 9 – September 4, 2005


mere joy

 can i be content
with mere joy
do i need yet more

i have your smile
your open heart
we dance together

the river god has
blessed my life
how can i give thanks

Poem 267 .h05
Heisei 17 9 8 -August 28, 2005


on nothing

i suppose i’m insane

the voices i hear in my mind
on nothing

except about my inability to deal
with reality
a truly painful blow (to me)

but i do have strong points
i think

my mind sometimes works
tho it occasionally stops

i can deal with uncertainty
for a few minutes

i can explore new courses
until it gets dark

i relish new flavors
unless they’re strange

so for a very poor life
i’m doing quite exceptionally
good, except for the bad

and i haven’t even
killed anyone or even tried
very hard

Poem 266 .h05
Heisei 17 8 26 – August 26, 2005


tadpoles could not swim

 if butterflies had no wings
if tadpoles could not swim
if leaves didn’t turn to the sun

if i couldn’t see your beauty
i would still day dream of you
i would still want to be with you

i wish this evening weren’t so cold
that my years could disappear
that i could be with you

Poem 265 .h05
Heisei 17 8 26 – August 26, 2005


so little knowing

 we fight as dancers do
so quickly twisting
hit and run

we laugh as friends do
so often smiling
run and fall

we change as all must do
so little knowing
what will come

Poem 264.5 .h05
Heisei 17 8 26 – August 14, 2005


[no title]

like a candle in the wind
your smile is precious light
but so early ended
when storms blow

like the glory of a sunrise
you break open new worlds
but i have so little
how can i pay

life is like a strange dream
your smile is an anchor
but life is so harsh
what can i hope for

Poem 264
August 26, 2005



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