10 Poems from 2003

our own park bench

a long lunch in the park
our own park bench, again

i thought i saw into your heart
i thought you saw into mine
both ships in troubled waters

how do we know who we are
how do we know what to trust
how do we know which hope is true

we don’t ,do we?  we guess
and pray the stars give us luck
and our hearts can face the truth

let’s talk about things again
we can help one another

Poem 222
October 29, 2003


in my heart

i don’t know what i know

i look deep in your eyes
and what do i see

i just don’t know

i look deep in my heart
and what do i see

the truth is i just
don’t know

i live, i will die
the rest i don’t know

Poem 218
July 5, 2003


a factory 

it’s all dreams, isn’t it
my life is all pretending

pretending to be good
may be good
but it is not real

my life is a factory
of illusions

smiles hide angers
hate is covered by care

but my good lies
are unreal are fakes

my life is full of lies

Poem 217
June 17, 2003


out of tune

so lovely!  the spring’s green leaves
so fresh and full of beauty
everywhere rebirth and growth

so lonely!  my heart is cold
so tired and full of despair
with nothing left of my love

why am i so out of tune

Poem 216
May 2003


small print

 if in seven years we all

my changing is now

what will be will be

but the present is confused
and the past is mostly lies
and the future bleak as night

ke sera serr

truth is i’m deceiving me
i’ve lied to me
i’m pretending to be

what i hoped to be
but wasn’t

what can my shadow become
so small and unknowing

what future do i have
reduced to small print on the page

the future’s not ours to see
ke sera sera

now that i’m older
i’ll be as much

as little as i can be

Poem 215
May 19, 2003


the rain

 the rain talks to me
the night is cold
i am alone in darkness

the rain says to try
growth is wetness
and i may grow wiser

the rain falls on me
a time of sadness
i have love to guide me

Poem 214
April 15, 2003


cold april rain

so cruel the cold april rain
tearing pettles from the cherries

my love left in the spring time

so harsh the bitter spring winds
giving little chance for the flowers

our hopes dead deader than death

so long the black night’s darkness
of ‘ring scant chance for rebirth

but you’re not gone from my heart

Poem 213
April 7, 2003


that used to be

in the moment’s sadness
my thoughts burst like drops of rain
caught in burning fire

vanished has my heart’s peace
disturbed by the cold echoes
of a love that used to be

during the springtime’s birth
our death is harder to bear
mocked by a thousand shadows

Poem 212
March 28, 2003


twisted and unsatisfied

 the hours are so strange
twisted and unsatisfied
but they are all i have

the hours i should have had
twenty years more ago
i am having today

the hours i should have now
have somehow disappeared
leaving me quite alone

the hours to come to be
have they already passed?
are they what i’ve lived up?

in my life come and gone?

Poem 211
January 1, 2003  (Florence 12-29-02)


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