18 Poems from 2009

so jump

 we live so
we must jump into
the dark of coming night

life is a dice-throw

death cries out
loud in certain waiting
for our number

life is
and then it is not

so jump as far
as you can

Poem 308 .j09
October 13, 2009


not equal

hours on the road
hours of life
not paid time

changes happen
the road ever changes
as miles go by

some is dangerous
some parts pure fun
especially the speed

the road is good
and proves that
all hours are not equal

Poem 306 .09
September 22, 2009


glass doors

 winds slash the windows
rain blows in
i close the glass doors

your heart is not calm
winds blow inside and out
harsh rains fall

sunshine is merely pleasant
we need those storms
or we never grow

last verse illegible, not included




 your eye blinks

there is no here

no there

we live, we die
this is time

this only is time
this is only time

in the blink of an eye
time dies

there is no now
no then

we live, we die
this is time

this and this only
is time




 there may have been a time
when we were born

we lived our lives

there is never ever
going to be
in this whirl of life

such a time
the next life will be
as it will be

if only time could twist
a little

we would feel love
we would feel sorrow

both are natural

when love and life end
there is grief

i see only sorrow

Poem 305.5 .09
September 7, 2009


in sorrow

earth is forever
our wings are weak

we can see so little
of life of love

all ends in sorrow
as sunlight burns us down

how can i think
we can fly


Poem 305 .h09
August 28, 2009


a gift

love is a gift
life is a gift

life is a curse
love is a curse

both end in death
both in sorrow

why would we want
to live and love

when love and life
end only in sorrow

Poem 304 .h09
August 28, 2009

wheels free 

gods give gifts
they give clear sunlight
on a storm-full afternoon

we wheel free
past beach and river
untouched by time

gods give & take away
sorrows and joys
we were blessed

for an afternoon

do the gods
ask us to pay

Poem 303 .h09
August 26, 2009


slow speed 

it’s about passion,
isn’t it?

life at slow
speed sucks, right?

you have your loves

but your soul

you want to fly,
don’t you?

Poem 301 .h09
August 3, 2009


the night

i would take your arm
and walk together
into the night

we might pause here
or there to touch
upon our secrets

you would laugh i know
you often do
do winds ever lie?

Poem 300 .g09
July 25, 2009


[no title]

would you share an hour
with me

while hours pass
your heart is open

your love is small
i feel cold in the [evening]
of your [undecipherable writing]

we may never dance together
the tune is not quite right

July 25, 2009


turn back

i wish that time could slow
and turn back its years
for a few hours

i would ask you and you
would say “yes” and
we would dance

for hours, perhaps slowly
two worlds so far apart
together for awhile

Poem 298 .g09
July 25, 2009


very dark

you watch, don’t you?
and see the stupidities

the pretty, petty dances
of the children

what do you think
of them all
of their parents

your eyesight is very dark
isn’t it?

of what do you approve?
what is good enough?

must the angels dance?
must the wise ones cry?

in all this, we agree

Poem 297 .g09
July 14, 2009



 you watch as eagles do
for prey such
as a stupid thought

you sing as songbirds do
of dreams and of lives
you may not live

you play as monkeys do
life is joy, with strength
you will bloom

Poem 295 .f09
July 14, 2009


song of madness

may the gods forgive me
for my foolish pride
and untimely dreams

yet i begin to hear again
the music of that old old dance
and song of madness

so soft does the beat begin
like echoes in the darkness
of a heart too willing

Poem 294 .f09
June 24, 2009


[no title]

my key to heaven’s door
is fake
how could it be else?

all roads to gods are lies
written in great letters

prophets tell us harsh lies
what else could be heard?

saints walk on a film of lies
and so must you and i

March 23, 2009

[no title]

this cruel love of time
each hour more separated
more surely apart

this cruel love of mine
so strong and directed
to a hopeless hope

this cruel love of mine
against my heart
against my hope

love is such an unkind gift
more bitter than any grief
or sorrow felt in the heart

crueler than the coldest night
light awake memory
a hunger without food

January 30, 2009


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