8 Poems from 2001 July – December

a road home

 in the beginning and the end
we have nothing at all

and in between
we have dreams
and sorrows

and lies, lies, lies

there is no real thing
it is all make believe

i feel cold and alone
lost in the rain
without a road home

Poem 192
October 18, 2001


so far

i would touch you
if i could
hold you close

but your life is so far
from the one i live

tomorrow is tomorrow
and we will live
as we must live

Poem 191
September 21, 2001


dark thing come

i love you
and the plants color
and dark things come

i love you
and we walk almost

jump with me jump
and together we will be

Poem 190
September 2001


more brittle

i’ve become more brittle
over time, harder

is that part of the story
do we become
more rocklike as we age

is this a weakness
or a strength
or is there

no choice between

for i must decide
there is no more time
between aging

and when i have to choose

Poem 189
September 19, 2001


the wind blows

for me
your eyes are no more
your smile is gone

you are wind
and the wind blows away

now i am alone
in the cold of autumn

Poem 188
September 6, 2001


falling badly

 fair conditions are rare

conditions are usually
pickled to be decanted
along with the snow
in early october
or sometime else
equally miserable

fair conditions mean little

relations happen usually
picked by mad chance
after falling badly
in the snow
in early october
or sometime else
equally miserable

Poem 187
September 3, 2001


tempests call

 in the shade of mountains
the nights are darker
and storms are sudden

is love very different

it brings great joy
and black sorrow
and tempests call

they are greater than life
of immense beauty
and immense danger

Poem 185
August 26, 2001


by luck

there is desire
and there is death

we dance between

so much depends
on luck

do you love

or is it a road race
recording each mile

recorded before
repeated each time

did you ever
love me

did i
ever dance

when you were
with me
for that while

Poem 184
August 16, 2001


like dwarfs

there is a time
in that time
we can have
a world of wide
and what naught

or less

we can have
almost nothing
like dwarfs
trudging to work

and did you know
that i sing
would that surprise you

Poem 183
August 15, 2001


in the fire 

when night comes dark
and lightning flashes
and you are cold

when day comes hot
and pushes past
your borders and

when love is met

is it our doom
to lose

i love you

can we hope
even in the fire
even in the ice

Poem 182
July 15, 2001


the rules

too short
it ends too soon

too quick for me
to learn the rules
of the game

and now it ends
before i didn’t realize
each hour was precious

      that the alternative

is dust
is dusty

Poem 181
July 15, 2001


an air together

soon the wind slips free
and i am gone
soon so do you

then will we breathe
in air together

or do our times forever
miss one another
do i lose you

Poem 179
July 9, 2001


nothing could be

 what words could i use
to reveal my love for you

words are not connected
in any way with love

words are sounds shaped by lips
shared by all the people

nothing could be more different
than words
from my love of you

Poem 178
July 4, 2001


ten thousand candles

what do i have

a few thousand candles to burn
life in the hot seat

pushed by power
pushed by fashion
pushed by pure luck

sometimes the luck holds good
before all hell breaks loose
after hours crouching

and when the luck goes bad
it can get very very bad

i could lose you
as soon i lose everything

but till then i have you

Poem 177
July 3, 2001


any promise

for some moments
i am alive

soon the wind will take me
i will be gone

as will you
with all your beauty

will this end be different
is there any promise

or will we both disappear

Poem 176
June 26, 2001



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