17 Poems from 2008

[no title]

we spend today together
we run for hours
your legs are tired

the mountain are high & golden
today the trails are different
i love you

is there a trail we can run together
a remote trail
where runners seldom go

August 8, 2008


almost impossible

we run free
light, swift as the wind
mountains laugh with us

the shoreline was lovely
fall colors, almost impossible
as we ran and ran

i love running with you

Poem 290 .j08
October 23, 2008


perfect blue

 your eyes shine
as we climb and climb
people laugh and smile

the mountain was so high
the sky so clear
the lake so perfect blue

later clouds cover peaks
we return and your eyes
close in sleep

i think you are beautiful

Poem 289 .j08
October 28, 2008


[no title]

I can’t touch her,
she’s in an incubator
shit! life is cold!

she’s a postcard
we write and then send
it’s gone! love is real

growth is more real
her love opens me
and time may arrive



gods’ gift

 the gods’ gifts are cruel
your hands touch is divine
but is there no more

your smile is so enchanted
but is there no kiss

i would wish to wake
and to see you smile
in this i dream

Poem 286 .08
July 19, 2008


eyes close

 your eyes close
as we sprint together
time is gone

your heart jumps
as we climb together
harder than ever

your arms are warm
as we celebrate
time has gone

Poem 286 .f08


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