16 Poems from 2007


how did she get those
fishhooks into my heart

i didn’t see any bait
drifting thru the water

maybe it’s something she dropped
like her laugh or a smile

i guess they could have gotten
in when i looked in her eyes

hell! maybe they’re like landmines
lying around for poor someone
to explode by dumb luck

Poem 285  .I07
December 19, 2007


[no title]

and then my love
what happens as
my strength fails
your youth grows
and we are torn apart?
as you desire birth
and i quiet rest
what happens my love
when spring kisses

October 31, 2007


gods’ gifts

 your heart is a gift from the gods
to me —open and responsive—
my good fortune to know your smile

but how can i thank the gods?
what coin could match such a gift?
—so fair and unexpected—

and there’s a tale about gods’ gifts
it says the joy is always paid
for with deep sorrow of the soul

will that indeed be my fate?

Poem 284 .f07
July 23, 2007

butterflies say

butterflies say
no time to delay
so off we go
dreaming of tomorrow

Poem 283 .f06
June 28, 2007


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