9 Poems from 2002

in the wind

today we walked under the sun
and the moon and today was good
and time almost disappeared

your heart is pressed tight
and times and the future
are hard as changes come

and go, like leaves in the wind
let go, let go, give it away
your heart can choose its course

Poem 210
December 13, 2002


wish i could

 wish it was just for fun
wish it was just your beauty
wish i could

wish i could

but the nights are so cold
and i am so alone
wish i could

wish i could

close but not close enough
did i say
i am so all almost alone

so alone

and it is night

close is all i ever dreamed
close is what i dreamed

almost close
almost real

is this the best it gets

i climb so high
and almost get

to where tomorrow surrenders
attention and care
— but it was just for fun

is wish y’all had been with me
me as we climbed
and climbed
and survived

and did better than i dreamed of

i do climb
you dream
we are but slight dream
i fear

water passes fast below
our feet

do you pass
or pause and stay with me

Poem 208
October 7, 2002



 i count the hours
given to me

unless ugly chance breaks
the flow of life

i pray i have loves
warming my days

unless stupidity stands up
saying i’ll rule today

i know i make mistakes
costing me my name

i’ve made mistakes

i wait till you
judge my trust

Poem 206
September 12, 2002


as they disappear

all those words
that are naught

all those things
that are naught

all my freedoms
as they disappear
and are naught

let them go and
i am free

Poem 205
September 2, 2002


is not real

all of that anger
all of that envy
all of that pride

exists only in my own mind

it is not real
it is not of here and now

and i can cast it out
and make it be gone
and be clean
and be free

Poem 204
September 2, 2002


old clothes

i am unbelievably free

i can put on
my old clothes and thoughts

or not

i can rub this me away
like mist off the window

or not

the lust is all in me
it’s not the world’s fire
it can and will pass on

as i will pass on

as i will pass on
with all my dreams

Poem 203
September 2, 2002


merely in time

hours flow like rain past me
dripping thru my fingers
and stolen by the sand

past me hours flow like rain
slapping into my face
valleys cut into my skin

like rain past me hours flow
washing off each long day
but paid merely in time

Poem 202
August 31, 2002
Poem also named “Like Rain”



not at all

do i have a right
to be loved

is my voice a sound
that must be heard

or am i a bit of wind
a leaf in autumn

pushed about
here and there
till i’m not at all

Poem 201
July 7, 2002


faster than the wind

i am alive
my friends and i spin
faster than the wind

we are alive
we push beyond ourselves
and sensei laughs with us

you are alive
join us if you can and
fly faster than the wind

Poem 200
May 22, 2002


garlic and onions

 my life has a flavor
i’m garlic and onions

sorry about that

my heart has loves
you and the hills

and alongside the water

how could i wish for more

yet i would touch your heart
and feel the winds blow

Poem 199
April 21, 2002


what greater treasure

 your heart sees what my eyes see
you know without asking
what greater treasure could i have

with you the sky is bluer
the leaves are bright and greener
flowers are where there were none

will you turn, my love, to me
for hours under the sun
i would walk with you, a while

Poem 198
April 6, 2002


four shades

 the blossoms were almost gone
but the sky was bright blue

do you remember?

i touched your hand and pointed
to the four shades of pink
flowers above the pond

do you remember?

my princess i teased you
but got lost in your smile

as hours rushed past us
till i touched your hand goodbye

Poem 197
March 30, 2002


under the sun

the spring wind is warm
but strong and changeable

and you?

i waited under the sun
did you know?  did you care?

and you

where was your heart today
while strangers passed me by

Poem 196
March 21, 2002


i return to

as i die
will the wind swoop
and carry away

or will i shrivel
becoming more like
the dirt
i return to

which do i fear
the most

which is least

Poem 195
March 4, 2002


for rugs

in the wind i blow
my heart crying for rugs
for what?  for why?

in the wind i pray
for lust or love
are the two the same?

in the wind i cry
i don’t know enough
to live my life, do i?

Poem 194
February 22, 2002


a fine joke

in my love’s soft brown hair
i found a long white thread

oh joy!  the gods must laugh
to see youth paired with age

to be lovely and strong
yet show that time wheels on

what a fine joke time plays
on we who breathe life’s air

Poem 193
February 15, 2002


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