6 Poems from 2000


 you are beautiful
more than words can say
you twist my heart

i am in love with you
i dance when we meet
i twirl, a bit the fool

we have our time
we understand that
i wish it were forever

Poem 166
December 21, 2000


your hand

 i will walk with you
and touch your hand
(as lovers sometimes do)

we will talk of things
and tease each other
(as lovers often do)

you will say what you feel
and i will hear
(as lovers always do)

Poem 165
December 21, 2000


endless streets

would you trade your whole life
for an hour of real love?

would the shine in your lover’s eyes
give you heart for a century?

would the chance of meeting her
make you walk endless streets?

love is a very strange thing
but our love is not strange at all

Poem 164
December 4, 2000


however small

is it better to dream
i’ve loved than not love at all
does an imagined kiss
have passion however small
was there ever a time
you loved me after all

Poem 163
November 4, 2000


the one

 she smiled
and asked:  are you the one?

i responded:  definitely not
i’m a composite
a bunch of stones in the creek

i’m a number like 735
or 11,021
definitely odd
i ain’t been prime
for about twenty years

i’d like to be singular
but i tend to multiply
go schizophrenic on weekends

she nodded and replied:
how very nice

i sure missed her number

Poem 162
September 28, 2000


our joy

 and yes it’s love
your face is perfect and calm
as we yell out our joy
at o-matsuri

and no it’s not possible
your love’s yours and mine’s mine
and we have our own joys
while they last

but it could have been
there could have been you and i
and our joy beyond compare

for hours and hours and hours

Poem 166
September 18, 2000


any of it

 i’m sick and tired of lovely
young women smiling at me
i can’t have any of it

it clogs my veins and weakens
my heart and makes my teeth hurt
if i don’t do anything

wrong and if i do something
it’s all sails blowing in the wind
three steps up and off the cliff

Poem 160
August 24, 2000


 dump truck

that great dump truck from the sky
when you choose to pick me up
make it late, not too early

i’ve got plans and i’ve got hopes
gimme a chance and i’ll go quiet
gimme time, i won’t waste it

dump truck dump truck in the sky
this ain’t gonna end too well
how ‘bout we just trash this deal

Poem 159
July 11, 2000


flutter in vain

i have no protection
from the heat of your smile
and it burns all the way thru

my heart’s wings flutter in vain
i need you to alight
but in you i will perish

Poem 158
July 2, 2000


free as time

whatever hours of happiness
you can pull from time’s flow
drift and dream in them

whichever course you take
you are free as time flows
time means nothing to you

whenever you’re restless
you’re time’s daughter after all
dreams like time never end

Poem 157
April 22, 2000


put in words

 some things can’t be put in words
what does “i love you” reveal
does it show how my heart hurts

how it jumps when you arrive
how it delights in your smile
these things can’t be felt in words

Poem 156
April 13, 2000


in my dreams

goodbye my love good night
i won’t see you in my dreams
or meet you anywhere

your smile will surely flash
your eyes will surely call out
i won’t be there to see

we shared time together
and walked along the river
good night my love good bye

Poem 155
March 25, 2000


you eyes

 because there is beauty
does not mean there is safety
do you wish for more hours

we could share together
we could dance as dancers do
does time not worry you

your eyes are so strong
did we share this dance before
i remember touching you

Poem 154
March 19, 2000

paths cross

 i get lost in your eyes
and freeze when our paths cross

i want to talk with you
and tell you my feelings

i’d like to hear your voice
and laugh as lovers do

Poem 153
February 28, 2000

a dancer lost

in your eyes i see you’ve grown
a clearer sharper image
of who you are and will be
more confident and knowing
a dancer lost in a pose
time’s adding to your beauty

Poem 152
January 26, 2000


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