12 Poems from 2005 January – June

almost stops

the night is calm almost clear
with wispy moonlit clouds
crossing the sky

as i think of your touch
my heart almost stops
a feeling of joy

night time will some time pass
my love and i will smile
at the break of a new day

Poem 263 .f05
May 26, 2005


up then down

 arrows fly up – then down
hearts move the same way
up then down

we match up very well
but will our flights ever match
for that long moment

or are our arrow doomed
to cross closely in the sky
but never touching

Poem 262 .f05
June 6, 2005


green leaves

perhaps no flower will bloom
certainly the leaves will fall
some day

perhaps no love will grow
certainly we will age
each year

perhaps a flower will bloom
and green leaves grow
for us

Poem 261 .f05
June 6, 2005


[no title]

it’s almost a comedy
you and i
half a lie a part
it could be good together
if you and i
were not so far apart
and it would be good
if could support
the fragile thing
which is ourselves

Poem 260



probably A* and J*
are in love with me
this mean everything
and nothing

they need me for guides
and teacher and a light
they look for this

so strange is being alive
so strange is youth
so strange is age

Poem 259 .f05
Note: writing was hard to read


[no title]

if you gave it away
you wouldn’t have to carry it

if you never had it
not having it means almost

if life weren’t so simple
we wouldn’t create new problems
or would we?

so if life is so simple
where do the problem come from

Poem 257
August 30, 2005


[no title]

somewhere between desire
and a hard place
my evening finishes

so much is possible
a hundred lands unseen
yet so possible

somewhere a balance exist
and i can get there
even in the night time

Poem 256 .f05
August 30, 2005


a blue egret

 a blue egret on the riverside
white snow on all the ground
melting in the sunlight

is your heart hungry too
is there an emptiness
like an unfilled pool

there is stillness
in the cold winter day
in these hours of waiting

Poem 255.5
January 1, 2005


perhaps not

 i see the end of time
where things snap
more brittle than wood
dried by the sun
do you?

i see hours after hours
where time is used
and turned and churned
despite time’s tide
don’t you?

but i dread the moments
with you
when you look away
from you and yours
ignoring time’s way

time & times will pall
as they always have
don’t you
think we should
let time have its way?

time comes, time goes
as it always has
perhaps the beats are counted
perhaps not
didn’t you say that that
is not what really matters?



but so strong

the mist is thick
and heavy
the future invisible

your hand is thin
but so strong
no easy answers

we are friends
or more
who knows the winds

Poem 255
March 28, 2005


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