These Trying Times

What Next?

November 9, 2016, the day after the presidential election

Will he lock her up?

Will he ban all Muslims from coming into the country until we figure out what’s going on?

Will he build a wall?

Will he send the bill to Mexico?

Will he deport two million illegals?

Will he grab her by the pussy?

Will he drain the swamp?

Will he stop and frisk?

Will he sue the lying media?

Will he Tweet it?

Will he repeal Obamacare?

Will he renegotiate NAFTA?

Will he bring back good jobs?

Will he get rid of all the regulations?

Will he make Europe pay its share?

Will he bomb the hell out of ISIS?

Will he bring back waterboarding?

Will he get along with Russia?

Will he let us know, folks, what’s really going on?

Will he keep us in suspense?

Will he make America great again?


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