12 Possible Interview Questions

Interview Questions:


You will conduct an interview in this class. It might be with a classmate, someone you choose, or someone your instructor helps you find. Here are some suggested questions.

Ground Rules

  • First, thank the interviewee and explain why you are doing the interview.
  • Agree upon the time you will end (in 30 minutes, it will be 4:00 pm, will that work?).
  • Confirm if you are recording that you have permission if you are doing so.
  • Remind them that they can pass on any question and that they can also choose to end the interview at any time.


    1. What co-culture do you belong to that you would like to talk to me about?
      Stop and paraphrase.
      I heard you saying ____, is that right?
    2. What does it mean to be a member of your co-culture?
      Stop and perception check.
      I noticed that you mentioned ____. I am wondering if ___ or ___ is something you believe, can you tell me more?
    3. What are some stereotypes or misconceptions others have about your co-culture that you would like to address?
    4. What would you like teachers or professors to cover in a class like Intercultural Communication about your co-culture and/or intercultural communication?
    5. I have researched 3 statements about communication and your co-culture for my class. I would like to share the statements and hear your reactions based on your lived experience. Why do you agree or disagree with the research statement? How might you modify/explain the research-based statement?
      • Suggested Sources for Research

Additional Ideas

  1. Culture is defined as …..
      • what cultures do you consider yourself to be a part of in some sense or fashion?
      • In this definition, the key elements of culture include…
        • What elements of your identified culture had the most influence on who you are?
      • What, if anything, is missing from this definition?
      • What is most correct, if anything, about this definition?
      • What do you think students should most know about culture?
  2. Cultural Competency is defined as…
      • What, if anything, is missing from this definition?
      • What, if anything, do you believe is correct about this definition?
      • How is it best “taught/learned?”
      • What, if anything, do you think we have “wrong” about teaching it currently? What can be improved?
      • What has helped you the most to build your cultural competency?
      • What do you suggest students do to build their cultural competency?
  3. How have you felt the “trap door experience?”


More ideas for interview questions: https://www.studocu.com/en-us/document/de-anza-college/intercultural-communication/intercultural-interview-prep-fa19/18804264


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