20 Guest 2 – Meet Meet Kim Sin and learn about the Cambodian-American Community

Meet Kim Sin

Kim Sin PhotoKim Sin, an RCTC alum and former employee, is an active Rochester, MN resident who survived a harrowing escape from the Khmer Rouge Genocide. Kim and Lori Halverson-Wente, along with their spouses, led an RCTC International Service Learning Trip to Cambodia for 8 years.
Kim shares his story of survival, persistence, and success in many venues. As a Human Library “Book,” he describes his family’s experience as an immigrant. He has led numerous community initiatives and is currently employed at the University of MN, Rochester in the IT department. He leads, “The Community”
“Kim Sin was born in Tak To, Cambodia in 1977. He started the Cambodian Association of Rochester, Minnesota. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Early life in Cambodia and family – living in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge War – living in a refugee camp – coming to Minnesota – adjusting to living in Minnesota as a child – being behind in school – starting the Cambodian Association of Rochester, Minnesota (CARM) – involvement in the community and assimilating – never quite being treated as an American – accepting his own identity – future generations of children coming to Minnesota – starting a non-profit organization – helping out all people, not just certain groups – judging people fairly” (https://immigrants.mndigital.org/items/show/122)

Listen To Kim’s Story

Please listen – https://immigrants.mndigital.org/items/show/122

Please Read: Transcript of Kim Sin’s story to the Minnesota Historical Society

PBS Interviews Kim Sin

Cambodia Service Learning Trip Past Video


Wouldn’t you like to Join Us?

Kim, Dara, Morgan, and Lori Reflect upon the Service Trip and Demonstrate how ZOOM VIrutal Speaker’s Series can Work. If you chose this option for a ZOOM session, you will meet and chat with Kim Sin, past participants from the volunteer experience, and Cambodian students “live from Cambodia.”

Of course, each ZOOM session will be unique to the folks who are available at the time, but this is a sample of a recent conversation we had to simulate a ZOOM session.


Kim Sin’s Current Volunteer Project you can Join!

One way you can gain more experience in intercultural communication is to join Kim Sin and others at the Community Garden he has organized and leads.


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