21 Guest 3 – Meet Al Lun and Learn more about being a “Permanent Other”

 Al LunMeet Al Lun

The following bio, from Al’s webpage, shares Al Lun’s interests. Please visit his amazing website that keeps up with local communication surrounding community events, local resources, and data analysis of all sorts: http://dmcbeam.org/about-us

“Retired from IBM, Al Lun has worked in the computer industry for over 3 decades. He has worked in technology development in various capacities including architecture, project management, software/hardware development, and people management.

Active in Rochester-area philanthropic boards, Al is also building out the Community Beam website to co-create a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly shared

He believes in the 4P principle of running an organization: People, Process, Product, Profit, in that order. And people must be first.”

More about Al:

Mr. Lun is a regular volunteer in the COMM 2100 classroom but, even more so, he helps lead efforts at the YMCA and Diversity Council. Sharing a conversation with Al will help you see his intercultural communication experiences throughout his career and personal life. His insight is profound and we all learn so much each time he shares. His Human Library “Book” is entitled, “Permanent Other.” Students from past classes share that they never knew that someone would be “caught between cultures,” and, even after 40 years living in Rochester, MN, would be asked, “But where are you REALLY from?”

Listen to Al share his insight, then consider an intercultural conversation with Al!

Chatting with Al, you’ll always have a local contact who has navigated globalization in the workplace from his lifelong successful career as an Engineer at IBM, along with a keen understanding of local happenings!


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