29 Needs / Gap Analysis

Carrie Lewis Miller

For this assignment, you will take a look at your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Conduct an informal, brief needs analysis that may require a learning or training intervention. Will adaptive or game-based learning be feasible options for this context?  Why or why not?  In your needs analysis, include:

  • An analysis of your learners (age, education, language abilities) (Would these learners be able to perform if instruction used these techniques?).
  • An analysis of current training/teaching practices (Do these techniques fit in with the teaching and learning culture? Would trainers/instructors be open to trying either technique?).
  • An analysis of current technology tool availability (is there something available you could use to implement either technique?).
  • An analysis of the current budget situation (Is there money to buy software or equipment, to pay designers?).
  • A recommendation and rationale for or against adopting one or both Game-based Learning and Adaptive Learning.


You may want to use the checklist at http://www.hr-guide.com/Training/Checklist.htm to help you identify areas to consider.




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