30 Mini Adaptive Learning Plan

Carrie Lewis Miller

Create a mini-adaptive learning artifact or plan (i.e., a branching logic flow chart) and an implementation plan for its use.

Think about an opportunity you have either in your own organization or in a teaching and learning context with which you are familiar.  Identify one learning goal that could be supported through the use of an adaptive learning solution.  Design a mini-adaptive learning artifact or plan using the tool of your choice.  You can either 1. fully design the artifact (e.g., a choose-your-own-adventure using google forms), OR 2. you can design a plan for an adaptive learning module.  This would consist of laying out the branching logic and if/then items for the learning path.

Once your artifact or plan is drafted, develop a 1-2 page implementation plan for this learning experience.  Include the following information in the implementation plan:

  • Title of the learning experience where this artifact will be used.
  • How the facilitators will be trained to use this artifact.
  • Stakeholders and approvals needed to move forward with implementation.
  • Any planning or testing stages that artifact implementation must go through.
  • A timeline for implementation.


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