26 Instructional Plan

Carrie Lewis Miller

For this assignment, you will design and create an instructional plan that includes the following components: goals, objectives, GBL or adaptive learning instructional strategies, learning activities, details for implementation, and an evaluation plan.

Think of a course or training session you would likely be responsible for planning for your workplace or for a workplace with which you are familiar.  This can be any type of learning experience (workplace training, a college-level course, a community education project, Bible study, book club workshop, conference workshop, etc.)

Create a deliverable that includes all of the following elements regarding your course or training session:

  • The specific name and title of the course or training session
  • A description and purpose of the selected course or training session
  • The target audience: conduct an audience analysis and then describe the characteristics of the target audience
  • Length of course or training session
  • 2 to 4 goals for your course or training session based on your course or training session description
  • 1 to 3 learning objectives that align with each of your stated goals
  • Descriptions of game-based or adaptive learning instructional strategies and activities you will use in the course or training session
  • Resources needed and materials that must be prepared
  • Total length of time your course or training will take
  • Individuals involved (facilitator, learners, administrators) with implementation
  • Details of how your plan will be implemented
  • How you will know participants are learning during the session. What formative assessments will you use?
  • How you will evaluate the effectiveness of the training or learning experience.



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