25 Gamer Profile Assignment

Carrie Lewis Miller

In order for us to implement any kind of Game-Based Learning, we need to understand what types of learners this strategy would appeal to.  We need to understand gamers.

I would like you to prepare a case study of a gamer (not yourself) describing their habits, preferred games, style of play, preferences, and reflections on their own learning. This person can be someone who plays board games, card games, digital games, or mobile application games.  This person can be of any age.

This case study can take many forms (video, online interactive, photo essay) but it cannot be a paper or PowerPoint.  Think about the Bartle’s Test – where do you think this person would fall?

For most students, this takes the form of a video profile approximately 5 minutes in length. In planning your project, you should both think about what you want to show and how you will show it. Some of this might be through narration, asking questions, through video of the player, or screencast of what they are doing. But also think about how you present this to tell a story and make a point. Can you show why this person chooses certain games? What makes it compelling? What have they learned from the game? How does it make them feel? Is there a social component to their play and learning?

You are essentially amateur field anthropologists—you should be trying to document the player’s practices, motivations, and what they might be learning through the game. Make an effort not to judge or influence your subject; only observe and understand.


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