27 Design an original game, simulation, or adaptive learning scenario

Carrie Lewis Miller

Kurt Squire describes endogenous games as games whose contexts and design are closely intertwined, as opposed to exogenous games, which serve as empty receptacles for bits of knowledge. We are all familiar with exogenous games. They are the trivia-type games that are popular on TV and in classrooms. They are popular in classrooms because they are easy to design and implement. However, they do not represent “good” games in the sense that they do not represent a meaningful ideological world.

Working individually, you will have the opportunity to design an original game, simulation, or adaptive learning scenario.  Please note that designing is not the same as developing or implementing the game or simulation. Even though we are designing board or digital/video games and simulations, you do not have to create a digital game or simulation if that is the option you choose.

Your game, simulation, or adaptive learning proposal must contain the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Overview (200 words)
  3. Learning goals & educational theory (500 words)
  4. Research: a report on other similar games, simulations, or adaptive learning studies that informed your decision (500 words)
  5. Rules: the rules of your game, simulation, or adaptive learning scenario
  6. Interface & artwork: to make your proposal more powerful, you should include sketches of key screens and interactions, you may (optionally) include drafts of designs and other artwork that contribute to the game or simulation aesthetics

{Instructors: This can be an iterative writing process.  For example:

In Week 7, you will turn in a (very) rough draft to receive peer feedback.  In Week 8, you will give your peers your feedback.  In Week 9, you will turn in the final draft of your assignment.  You will also include the feedback you provided to your peers on their projects with your final draft so be sure to save them in a Word document.}

Example Simulation Design

Example Game Design


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