something to say in 2020

Debra J Stone

i’m the woman with the hebrew name   that means

queen bee

because my mama always said i was

her first born

i will never hear                                  queen bee                     again

because breast cancer silenced her forever


something to say something to say

i don’t know if this poem is answer to floyd

because I can’t talk about the dead black man

because i can’t talk about the dead black women


indigenous women

voices loss in the me too

with pearl drop tears       all eyes focused on them

you know what i’m talking about when I say them


ain’t i a woman


what to say what to say

my words a mangled mess

my writing studio will not do


i sit in the teardrop trailer in the driveway a covid refuge      waiting


something to say   something to say

i don’t know what to say


About Debra J Stone
Debra’s poetry, essays and fiction are found in Green Mountains Review, About Place Journal, Saint Paul Almanac, Random Sample Review, Rigorous and other literary journals. She won the 2019 Sundress Publisher’s essay competition, Best of the Net, judged by Hanif Abdurraquib. Debra is a board member of Graywolf Press, Minneapolis and is currently writing a series of essays and short story collection.


something to say in 2020 Copyright © 2021 by Debra J Stone. All Rights Reserved.

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