What Did You Do?

Delta Giordano

Did you go to the nursing home and press your hand
up to your mother’s on the other side of the glass?
Were you holding a patient’s hand in the hospital
because his loved ones couldn’t be with him?
Were you handing out crates of food
as the line got longer and longer?
Did you hand in your resignation
so you could stay at home with your kids?
Were you marching in the streets?
Did you ask your friend to pour milk over your eyes
to take away the sting?
Did you make it home before curfew?
Were you able to replace the signs
that someone kept stealing from your lawn?
Did you wear your “I Voted” sticker for a month?
Were you able to find an empty parking lot
where you could sit in your car and have a good cry?
Did you go for a walk in the park
so you wouldn’t punch a hole in the wall?
Did you light a match or did you put one out?


About Delta Giordano
Originally from California, Delta moved to Minnesota in October 1995 (just in time for an early winter) and has lived in Falcon Heights since 1998. One of her favorite jobs was as volunteer coordinator for the Minnesota branch of BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools), placing actors in classrooms to read aloud to students, and she volunteered as a reading coach at her local elementary school. As an actor, Delta has been performing in Twin Cities theaters for the past 25 years and also works as a role-player for crisis intervention trainings.


What Did You Do? Copyright © 2021 by Delta Giordano. All Rights Reserved.

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