Sidewalk Gratitude, 2020 Reflections, and Vaccine

Isaac Mielke

Sidewalk Gratitude

Thanks for shoveling.
Your neighbors appreciate
You and so do I.


2020 Reflections

I stayed at home for
Both COVID and the curfew.
Two birds with one stone.



Vaccination first
And then I can see the world.
I’m not ready yet.


About Isaac Mielke
Isaac Mielke is an aspiring poet who currently works at Saint Paul Public Library. Isaac is also pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science degree at St. Catherine University. In his spare time, Isaac likes to read, play soccer, learn board games, and watch the Timberwolves lose. Isaac lives in Saint Paul with his partner, friends, and cat.


Sidewalk Gratitude, 2020 Reflections, and Vaccine Copyright © 2021 by Isaac Mielke. All Rights Reserved.

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