Book Title: This Was 2020

Subtitle: Minnesotans Write About Pandemics and Social Justice in a Historic Year

Author: Ramsey County Library

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Society and culture: general


This Was 2020
Ramsey County Library
Ramsey County Library
A. Everett Beek; Arleta Little; Audrey Kletscher Helbling; Becky Boling; Bella Aase; Betsy Leach; Brad McNutt; Caroline Giles Banks; Catherine Isaac Lindquist; Chee Vang; Christine A. Sikorski; Christine Kallman; Claudia Ionescu; Dave Ryan; David Mendez; Debra J Stone; Delta Giordano; Denise Alden; Donna Isaac; Evelyn D. Klein; Evelyn Pierson; Ginny Contreras Sawyer; Greg Watson; Ihotu Jennifer Ali; Isaac Mielke; Janet Wiche Brahier; Jennifer Hernandez; Jessica Lucia; Joan Maeda Trygg; John Aase; Jordan Hirsch; Josiah Lindstrom; Katie Vagnino; Kristen Rohloff; Liz Husebye Hartmann; Mai Neng Moua; Moyosore Orimoloye; Patti Kameya; Paul Gabriel L. Cosme; Peter Wolf; Rabi Michael-Crushshon; Rebecca Ramsden; Rory O'Rourke; Sieglinde Gassman; Stacy Lin; Sunshine Gudim; Susan Coultrap-McQuin; Susan Smith-Grier; Veronica J. Monroe; Wendy Brown-Báez; and Yara Omer

THIS WAS 2020:

Minnesotans Write About Pandemics and Social Justice in a Historic Year

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Society and culture: general
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May 31, 2021