We are still on the pavement

A. Everett Beek

Surviving this year
was like struggling to breathe
while someone kneeled on our neck
for nine minutes.
Not all of us made it.


About A. Everett Beek
A. Everett Beek is a poet, translator, and academic. She is currently finishing an English translation and commentary of Ovid’s calendar poem the Fasti. Previously she has published a Latin translation of Oscar Wilde’s children’s stories (Princeps Felix et Aliae Fabulae), as well as English poems and essays in the Saint Paul Almanac, the Saint Paul Sidewalk Poetry project, and the journal Eidolon. She has lived in various countries and speaks several languages, and she looks forward to being able to travel again when travel restrictions ease, but her heart is always in Minnesota.


We are still on the pavement Copyright © 2021 by A. Everett Beek. All Rights Reserved.

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