What I Saw

Jessica Lucia

I saw courage walking down the street
on a warm bright day
her sandaled feet walked slowly
head held high in gas filled skies
She asked me to follow her
through my terror

I saw fear starting at me down the barrel of a gun
on a warm dark night
boots marching loudly
through hallowed ground
he demanded my obedience
through my terror

I saw hope standing their ground
on a warm bright night
high top sneakers planted
like tree trunks through asphalt
They asked me for nothing
I would not willingly give
and despite my terror
I stood beside them
as the city burned


About Jessica Lucia
Jessica is a feral, amateur writer from Cali, Colombia. She is, unfortunately, a joyless communist.


What I Saw Copyright © 2021 by Jessica Lucia. All Rights Reserved.

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