Discussion Guide

The writings in this book are a powerful collection of different experiences and perspectives. We hope you take the time to reflect on the writing and to talk about it with family, friends, book clubs, and more! Here are some discussion questions to get you started.

  • A number of the pieces in this book describe nature. Which ones caught your attention the most, and why? Why is nature such an important aspect of 2020?
  • George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests were powerfully emotional moments in our collective experience. How did the writing in this book capture those emotions? Which ones resonated with your own experiences, and which ones offered different perspectives from your own?
  • This book collects both poetry and prose. Do you have a preference for one type of writing? What patterns do you see in how the contributors wrote about 2020 in poetry versus how contributors wrote about 2020 in prose?
  • Some of the writing focused on finding hope and gratitude during a difficult year. What hopes and gratitude did you hold on to in order to get through the year?
  • A few of the essays made strong connections between the events of 2020 and other historic moments. What additional historical connections can you think of?


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